Distributed ledger technology: the basis for future CSP ecosystems white paper
By Analysys Mason
May, 2020
Partnerships, ecosystems and marketplaces are quickly becoming an important part of the strategy for communication service providers (CSPs) to engage with new opportunities associated with the ongoing deployment of new infrastructure and the growth in demand for digital services. CSPs view B2B (including other CSPs, industry verticals and intermediaries) as an important segment for driving new revenue in future, which makes the role of partners and ecosystems even more crucial. In the medium to long term, 5G deployment is expected to further increase the importance for CSPs to focus on the effective engagement and monetisation of enterprise businesses. It is within this context that distributed ledger technology (DLT), also called blockchain, is gaining traction in CSP environments
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This white paper explores the following meaningful issues:
  • How distributed ledger technology helps manage multiparty ecosystems
  • The key benefits of distributed ledger technology over traditional models
  • Five common application areas for DLT and examples of DLT adoption in the telecoms industry
  • Nexign’s approach to DLT
Nexign aims to play a leading role in educating key partners and stakeholders on the identification and adoption of DLT applications and also on the development of a distributed marketplace alongside other players in the value chain that provide adjacent services