Nexign and MegaFon Introduced the Unified Billing to Facilitate Digital Transformation

Due to the implementation of a new unified billing system, the operator has cut costs and reduced TTM by up to 5 times.

Nexign Invests in Development of the Universal Billing

Nexign will offer telecom operators and service providers a universal billing solution based on open source database management systems. This will enable customers to optimize the total cost of ownership of a software product and easily adapt it to changing business needs.

Nexign Enters the System Integration Market

Nexign Solutions will provide telecom operators and customers from other industries with the capability to implement complex turnkey projects while ensuring high quality service.

Nexign introduces Instant BSS solution to speed up the launch of new mobile businesses

An out-of-the-box solution designed to enable a quick launch of new business on growing mobile market allows mid-sized CSPs and MVNOs to achieve business results faster without escalating complexity.

Nexign replaces the billing system in Ucell

Implementation of Nexign Converged BSS will allow the largest telecommunications operator in Uzbekistan to renew its billing system and increase the quality of customer service.

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