Nexign enables Uzbektelecom to transform legacy BSS and increase average revenue per user by 10%

Company: Uzbektelecom

Country: Uzbekistan

Nexign solution: Nexign Converged BSS

Year of deployment: 2018


Success story summary

With a help of Nexign Converged BSS, Uzbektelecom seamlessly replaced five separate business support systems (BSS) with one unified convergent system, which empowered them to balance operational excellence with improved revenue generation strategies. As a result, telecom operator reduced its time to market by from two months to two weeks and enriched its customer base with 1.6 million new subscribers year-over-year. Also, implementation of the new platform enabled Uzbektelecom to reach more than 8 million subscribers in all segments and increase its mobile subscriber base up to 6 million users.

We are continually growing our network and improving service quality, security, and innovation. We see Nexign not only as a provider of high-quality BSS solutions, but also as a reliable partner with a focus on building long-term customer relationships and achieving results together. Another important factor is that Nexign, like Uzbektelecom, is committed to utilising leading global technologies and following best practices in the international telecommunications sector.


Uzbektelecom is the leading Uzbekistan’s telecommunications company and the largest operator in fixed segment in the country. The company’s local telecommunications network includes more than 2,000 telephone exchanges with a capacity of over 2 million telephone numbers. Uzbektelecom offers mobile and fixed network services, provides broadband internet access and serves is a key supplier of telecommunications services for government agencies.

The operator has been using five separate billing systems, which was affecting Uzbektelecom’s operational performance and business processes. Uzbektelecom decided to unify five BSS systems on a single platform to achieve the following goals:

  • Ensure competitive time to market (TTM) by centralizing and accelerating launch of various tariffs, bundles and discounts for all subscribers.
  • Increase the subscriber base in all segments.
  • Optimize BSS maintenance costs.
  • Speed up and improve the quality of customer service.


After an open tender, Uzbektelecom chose Nexign Converged BSS, which included a number of online charging and policy control products from the Nexign Network Monetisation Suite. The operator opted for Nexign Converged BSS for several reasons. First of all, Nexign’s solution embedded CRM that accumulates all customer information in one place. Second, the platform enabled Uzbektelecom to self-govern new BSS. Finally, Uzbektelecom was convinced by exceptionally swift implementation of the pilot project.

Transformation to a single comprehensive product took less than two years and was divided into two stages to gradually move all 6.1 million customers into a new platform without causing any downtime. The first stage included the deployment of the billing system and migration of mobile subscribers to the new solution. The second stage included migration of the company’s fixed and broadband subscribers.

As a result, Nexign enabled Uzbektelecom to achieve full mobile-fixed convergence without any impact on subscribers or business continuity. Replacement of old billing systems and migration of subscribers had zero disruption on customer services and minimal impact on the operator’s existing processes.

Modernization of the billing system allowed Uzbektelecom to launch new services for its subscribers faster and more efficiently and improve the quality of its customer service. We are happy to support Uzbektelecom’s business development efforts and help them undertake their mission to expand the possibilities of accessible and borderless communication for citizens and guests of Uzbekistan.


  • TTM slashed by 4 times, from two months to two weeks.  

Nexign reduced TTM by four times, so now Uzbektelecom needs no more than two weeks to launch a new tariff, bundle, product or service. As a result of launching new multiplatform services, they reported overall customer base growth by 40% and reached more than 8 million subscribers in all segments, which constitutes a quarter of the country’s population. Uzbektelecom also enriched its customer base in the mobile segment. In August 2020 the mobile subscriber base of Uzbektelecom reached 6 million users, which is 71% bigger than prior to Nexign Converged BSS implementation.

  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) grew by 10%.

Migration to a new BSS solution also served as a revenue generator from the very first month, enabling quick launch of new services (e.g., triple-play and quad-play plans), improving connection stability and coverage, and facilitating integration of extra solutions. Roll out of Nexign Converged BSS also accelerated the deployment of PON technology, providing Uzbektelecom a competitive advantage on the local market.

  • Optimized costs on BSS maintenance.

Since Uzbektelecom does not have to juggle several billing systems anymore, Nexign facilitated operational routines for them, including CRM, roaming, interconnect and debt management.

  • Skyrocketed customer satisfaction.

Thanks to implementation of the real-time billing, clients receive more accurate billing statements and can use various payment methods. A centralised view of all customer related information allows CSR to serve the customer in one screen and resolve issues much faster, improving customer loyalty and thus increasing the subscribers’ base.