Mauritania’s Leading CSP Increases Revenue by 10% with Nexign

Chinguitel’s billing system was outdated and its functionality could not meet the prevailing demands of the company’s clientele in terms of timeliness or correctness, which eventually led to revenue losses. Nexign installed its Converged BSS and Network Monetisation Suite solutions, thus completely overhauling Chinguitel’s billing system, enabling them to roll out new services, expand their customer base, and avoid government fines resulting from the inadequacy of the legacy system during a monetary reform in the company’s home Mauritania.
Chinguitel is of the leaders in the telecom market in Mauritania offering mobile communication services along with LTE internet access.


In spite of Chinguitel’s outstanding reputation at home, their previous billing system was built solely for prepaid subscribers. To serve postpaid subscribers, the CSP had to use an in-house solution. As the two systems were not integrated consistently, postpaid subscribers were not billed correctly. Since developing and supporting such a complex solution required extensive internal resources, Chinguitel struggled to ensure a competitive time-to-market (TTM) for new products and services. Those factors contributed heavily to the loss of revenues.


Nexign unified every subscriber service through its Converged BSS and thus enabled Chinguitel to bill its customers accurately. The solution also enabled the operator to launch new services that would meet subscribers’ specific needs.
The solution came in handy in the light of Mauritania’s monetary reform that changed the value of the country’s currency. The timely implementation of Converged BSS and further assistance by Nexign saved the company a $200k government fine.

One of the key reasons for selecting Nexign was efficiency. The Nexign team implemented our new billing system and migrated our subscribers in record time — in just over seven months — while Nexign’s competitors said they needed up to 18 months to complete the project. Finishing faster let us improve subscriber services faster. We have more leverage in the market than ever before because Nexign makes business operations more efficient.



  • 01
    In a year after the solution implementation, Chinguitel’s revenues increased by 10%.
  • 04
    The operator launched 27 new services.
  • 02
    The subscriber base began rapidly expanding and reached 1.5 million within the year of implementation.
  • 05
    New technological opportunities for the operator, including the Internet of Things functionality.
  • 03
    The subscriber base is expected to gain 50% over a few years.


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