Financial Data

In 2021, the company’s revenue increased by 22% compared to the previous year. However, this was not enough for Nexign to return to the level of 2019 in terms of revenue, when record revenue of more than 14 billion rubles was earned. Let us remind you that in 2020 the company’s revenue decreased by 46%, which was associated with a slowdown in project implementation due to the pandemic, the transition of several large projects to the phase of technical support and operation, and the lengthening of negotiation processes for new contracts.
Nexign Revenue*
mln. rub.*
Increment in % 2021/2020
Company’s Revenue
9 221
Operating Margin
Net Profit
Free Cash Flow
The factors significantly affecting Nexign revenue and net profit in 2021

In 2021, the key factor influencing revenue was the completion of two major projects:

  • Delivery and successful implementation of the Nexign solution for UCELL (COSCOM LLC), a leading operator in Uzbekistan.
  • Completion of the development and implementation of the Unified Automated Billing System for Rostelecom PJSC, a leading operator of the Russian telecom market.

Also in 2021, the first phase of the delivery and implementation of the Nexign BSS solution for Kcell JSC, the leading cellular operator in the telecom market of Kazakhstan, was completed.

The introduction of incentives for IT companies has reduced the cost of social contributions and income tax. This had a positive impact on the company’s net profit.

*All the annual report figures are presented according to management reporting prepared based on RAS. The main difference is that in management reporting, the costs of work in progress are not accumulated in the balance sheet, but are immediately written off as expenses, reducing the operating margin and net income for the period.

Pinnacle Events 2021

Nexign Enters the System Integration Market
Nexign announced the formation of Nexign Solutions. The goal of the initiative is to provide telecom operators and clients from other industries with a full range of IT services on a “one-stop-shop” basis to ensure easier operation of solutions and higher quality of service.
Nexign and MegaFon Introduce a Unified Billing System
Completion of billing integration for all eight branches of the operator on a single BSS platform and migration of all subscriber base segments of the operator into a new environment.
Nexign Addresses the SAMENA Leaders' Summit
Nexign and Kcell Announce the Start of Billing Platform Implementation
Cooperation with Nexign will allow Kcell to reduce the billing system operating costs, as well as speed up product introduction to the market and expand capabilities for monetizing new types of services.
Nexign at the East Africa Com 2021 Exhibition
Alexander Deulin, head of the microservices laboratory at Nexign, together with Vasily Tyubek from Mail.Ru spoke about the experience of developing a Change Data Capture mechanism based on Oracle using GoldenGate and Tarantool.
Nexign Addresses the TM Forum Virtual Leadership Summit MENA
Nexign Shortlisted for TM Forum Excellence Awards 2021 in the Human Factor Category
Nexign was nominated for the award thanks to the Nexign Ambassadors Club project aimed at developing and maintaining the company corporate values.
Igor Gorkov, Nexign CEO, took part in an IT breakfast organized by RUSSOFT as part of the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Nexign Successfully Implements a Marketing Campaign Management Solution for Zain Kuwait Middle East Telecom Operator
Nexign Takes Part in GITEX Technology Week in Dubai
Nexign Microservices Framework Awarded Twice by the International Telecom Community
Nexign has received two MEA Technology Achievement Awards and has been shortlisted for the Glotel conspicuous international telecommunications award.
Nexign на Africa Tech Festival 2021
The goal of the project is to offer telecom operators and service providers a universal billing solution based on open-source database management systems.

Working with Associations and Awards

Nexign is an active member of leading industry associations, including TM Forum, SAMENA and RUSSOFT. Interaction with a community of experts and representatives of the largest and most influential players in the market enables Nexign to take an active part in the development of the industry and act at the forefront of cutting-edge trends.

In April 2021, Nexign took part in the SAMENA Leaders’ Summit. In the course of discussion, representatives of market leaders shared views on the prospects for the development of 5G innovations in various industries, including those that are important for economic recovery and returning to normal life after the pandemic.

On June 5, Igor Gorkov told the guests of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) about the role of telecommunications in this process, and how IT companies can help operators transform their business for improving efficiency. The conversation was a part of an IT breakfast organized by the RUSSOFT Non-Commercial Partnership of Software Developers.

On June 7, 2021, Maxim Nartov, Nexign Chief Business Officer, and Vitaly Lyaper, Architect at MegaFon, spoke at the “Achieving the agility needed to compete in a hyper connected world” session at TM Forum Leadership Summit MENA. Based on Nexign experience in creating an open ecosystem that supports the expansion of MegaFon portfolio of services through partner products, the experts explained which software development technologies and methodologies would help achieve business agility.

“The nomination and award are not just a great honor for Nexign. They attest that the professional community highly appreciates our projects. We are sure that the Microservices Framework is a solution that the telecommunications industry really needs these days. It will enable telecom operators to promptly and efficiently respond to any challenges that the market may throw at them.”
Dmitry Antipov,
Nexign Chief Customer Officer
TM Forum Excellence Awards 2021
In the spring, Nexign was shortlisted for the TM Forum Excellence Awards 2021 as one of the companies whose projects help accelerate the digital transformation of the telecommunications industry. The “Human Factor” nomination included the Nexign Ambassadors Club internal project that was launched as part of the company’s strategy for entering the international market. The goal of the project is to introduce employees to corporate values and help them adapt to the international business environment.
MEA Technology Achievement and Glotel Telecom Award
In the fall, Nexign received the MEA Technology Achievement Award from MEA Business, a leading business magazine in the Middle East and Africa, for the development of the Nexign Microservices Framework product and the Microservices Factory project based on this platform. Nexign was also shortlisted for the prestigious Glotel Telecom Award, an international telecommunications award that brings together leading players in the telecommunications industry from around the world and honors innovation and excellence.

Media Coverage

In 2021, the Nexign brand continued to strengthen its position in the information field. Quotations from the company experts were published by Russia’s major media outlets, both industry-specific, dedicated to IT and digitalization, and business agenda focused.
Nexign enters the systems integration market, with launch of new business unit
Nexign Solutions will provide telecom operators and customers from other industries with the capability to implement complex turnkey projects while ensuring high quality service.
Nexign Completes Unified Billing Project for MegaFon
Nexign has completed the large-scale digital transformation project that addresses the challenges of CSPs globally, including the Middle Eastern and African regions.
Nexign shortlisted for TM Forum Excellence Awards 2021
Nexign had been shortlisted for TM Forum’s Excellence Awards 2021 in the Human Factor category. The nomination comes as a recognition of its NX Ambassadors Club project focused on raising awareness of corporate values within the company.
The International Telecom Community Awarded Nexign Microservices Platform Twice in a Week
Nexign, an international provider of business support systems (BSS), has announced it won the MEA Technology Achievement Award and was shortlisted for another prestigious international award for the telecom industry, Glotel.
Can a microservices factory boost digital transformation for telecom operators? Ask those who have already done it
Today telecom operators provide the foundation to the flourishing digital environment full of independent or intertwined ecosystems, and the urge to become a part of this new world has become natural to telco operators.
Nexign Completed Campaign Management Solution for Middle East Telecom Operator Zain Kuwait
Nexign has announced that the company completed the Marketing Campaign Management system implementation for Zain Kuwait, one of the leading telecom service providers in the Middle East, in cooperation with the Turkcell Technology.
Global Presence

Products and Services

Nexign brings systems harmonization and empowers communications service providers (CSPs) with the balance of flexibility and high performance to accelerate time to market for innovative products and boost profitability. Addressing the need for a personalized customer experience and maximized revenue generating capabilities, Nexign offers a comprehensive suite of modular convergent solutions that help operators improve their business agility.

Supporting transformation journeys, Nexign helps operators gain on digital ecosystems and monetize investments in 5G and IoT infrastructures. In addition, Nexign enables CSPs to keep pace with the business evolution by aligning cross-organizational processes with digital transformation through advanced products for employee experience.

Nexign is committed to providing superior technology and expertise to our customers based on decades of experience in transformation projects for operators of all stripes across 14 countries.

We closely collaborate with our customers to forge reliable partnerships and ensure sustainable growth in the digital world.

Highlights 2021

Universal Digital Billing was developed with the support of Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT)
Solutions for Digital Employee Experience were launched
Nexign Microservices Framework for instant development of digital services was introduced to the market
5G support in Network Monetization solutions was implemented

Efforts to Implement Nexign Product Development Strategy in 2021

Commitment to Openness and Industry Standards

Nexign is committed to the principles of openness. In accordance with the Open API and Open Digital Architecture Manifesto, Nexign drives development of interoperable components to offer database-agnostic charging and billing systems, which significantly facilitates integration into the CSP’s modern IT landscape.

Leveraging database schema and access to all APIs, Nexign ensures no vendor lock-in. The customer owns the implemented solution and can opt to develop new services independently or along with Nexign’s experts.

Partner-Driven Digital Ecosystem

A solid digital ecosystem empowered by a leading-edge platform enables the operator to accelerate innovations based on microservices architecture and unlock partner-driven revenue streams. Thus, the operator turns into a full-fledged digital services provider. For example, MegaFon recently launched the MegaFon Plus bundle spinning four partner streaming services. The bundle is available for all users no matter if they are customers or subscribers. The multiple subscription is implemented with the help of products developed on the Nexign Microservices Framework.

Modular Revenue Management Adapting to Any Business Needs

Nexign released Universal Digital Billing, an open and scalable product, for next-generation revenue management. Based on microservices architecture and industry standards, the product supports open-source and commercial databases, enabling CSPs to optimize the total cost of ownership. Convergent billing successfully manages any type of services and supports flexible billing settings. Configuration of reference data and rules allows to adjust Nexign Universal Digital Billing to any businesses, including digital content delivery, utilities, power industry, and others.

To support operators’ increasingly digital product portfolio and new business models, Nexign keeps on developing next-generation revenue management solutions. The unified billing platform for all types of customers, services, and payment methods as well as convergent charging, network exposure function, dunning and collection management and other advanced capabilities help benefit from expanded 5G monetization options and various use cases for B2B and B2B2X revenue growth.

Setting the Scene for 5G

5G-powered business scenarios help operators capitalize on the growth of new opportunities and move beyond the traditional markets. Nexign enables early 5G monetization by fully supporting 5G non-standalone rollout for leading CSPs such as Ucell. The newly released NRF and SCP network functions for 5G Core pave the way for the upcoming 5G Charging and Policy Management systems for 5G Standalone and hybrid deployments.

Employee Experience

Nexign released a number of cutting-edge products for Employee Experience, such as Neon, a full-fledged enterprise portal and intranet ecosystem supporting the entire cycle of internal communication, recognition, and talent management; Call Center KPI Management, a single portal enabling real-time employee performance management, planning and assessment of workforce training, and quality control tracking; and Backlog & Capacity, a set of tools that optimize IT workflow through shared objectives and effective realignment of resources across teams.

Nexign Product
Development Roadmap

Agility and Transition to the Сloud

Nexign addresses the market needs for various deployment models by offering both on-premise and cloud-ready solutions. The microservices-based development along with automated CI/CD delivery processes increase CSP business agility and cost-efficiency through continuous product enhancement and the ability to build cloud-native, modular, and scalable products. Moreover, Nexign incorporates its extensive IT expertise to help operators set up their own development process and drive internal innovations based on microservices architecture and DevOps methodology.

Efficiency Improvement

Nexign keeps focus on cost-efficiency. Aiming at reducing the total cost of ownership for customers, the company extensively employs open-source technologies and components while minimizing the role of external commercial products in Nexign solutions. Nexign’s products leverage a database-agnostic approach, offering operators the flexibility to choose between open-source and commercial databases. In addition, Nexign takes steps toward increasing hardware efficiency through workload balance and optimization of code and resources.

Solutions for Digital Employee Experience

Digital transformation goes full speed involving both business and organizational processes. More and more companies shift to a hybrid, work-from-anywhere mode of work, set up virtual teams, automate the workplace, and use AI for enterprise purposes. It’s now a business necessity to adapt employees to the digital workstyle and build an ecosystem engaging geographically dispersed teams in common goals and values and enhancing cross-functional interactions. To create a strong modern culture that increases employee engagement, contributes to efficiency and transparency, and ultimately impacts profit is an up-to-date development trajectory.

Unlimited Monetization Capabilities

Nexign continues the development of revenue management capabilities to offer future-proof BSS solutions aimed at open collaboration, 5G opportunities, and partner ecosystem growth. The solutions meet requirements of any network technologies, business models, and deployment schemes. Such an approach enables operators to boost efficiencies and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Open Digital Ecosystem

Next-generation BSS solutions imply the cooperation of multiple teams and partners based on industry standards and specifications, including the ODA and SID. Nexign seeks to build modern solutions facilitating creation of the digital ecosystem and enabling constant innovation through open collaboration. As evidence of conformance to the Open API and Open Digital Architecture Manifesto, Nexign has received a TM Forum certificate. The company is looking to further undergo API certification and develop products in accordance with the modular approach and openness.

Success Stories

In 2021, Nexign implemented several major projects and continued to expand and deepen its long-term cooperation with leading telecom operators in Russia and abroad.
Company: Zain Kuwait
Region: the Middle East, Africa
Project Partner: Turkcell Technology
«As the leading telecom operator in the region, we are proud of our customer service. We’recommitted to ensure a life-long loyalty and satisfaction of our subscribers. The solution provided meets all our requirements and we are sure that Zain’s business development will get a boost thanks to the flexible campaign management solution.»
Mohammed Hussain ALHamdan,
Channels Management Department Manager at Zain Kuwait
«Nexign’s multiyear experience in BSS development and implementation coupled with Turkcell Technology’s deep knowledge of local market brings fruitful results. We believe that the implemented solution will help the operator tackle the challenges that changing customer needs pose to telco companies.»
Serkan Öztürk,
CIO at Turkcell Technology

Implementing a Marketing Campaign Management Solution for Zain Kuwait

With the growth of the subscriber base and the increase in the number of services, the Middle East telecom operator Zain Kuwait was striving to improve customer loyalty and reduce churn. The operator was looking for a tool to effectively execute marketing campaigns based on audience targeting.
«As the leading telecom operator in the region, we are proud of our customer service. We’recommitted to ensure a life-long loyalty and satisfaction of our subscribers. The solution provided meets all our requirements and we are sure that Zain’s business development will get a boost thanks to the flexible campaign management solution.»
Mohammed Hussain ALHamdan,
Channels Management Department Manager at Zain Kuwait
«Nexign’s multiyear experience in BSS development and implementation coupled with Turkcell Technology’s deep knowledge of local market brings fruitful results. We believe that the implemented solution will help the operator tackle the challenges that changing customer needs pose to telco companies.»
Serkan Öztürk,
CIO at Turkcell Technology
Company: MegaFon PJSC
Region: Russian Federation
Implementation Period: 2019–2021
«We are extremely impressed with the results of Nexign Microservices Framework. The solution aimed at supporting MegaFon’s transformation into a full-fledged digital service provider and ultimately exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Microservices Framework, MegaFon is no longer a traditional communications service provider, but a disruptive telco employing a new platform-based business model combined with its existing services.»
Sergei Nikiforets,
Director for Digital Services at MegaFon
«Nexign Microservices Framework is designed as a scalable solution that has passed the critical test at MegaFon and proved to be a success. We believe that Microservices Framework can bring benefits to all operators that want to move away from simply selling communications services and become true enablers.»
Maxim Nartov,
Chief Business Development Officer at Nexign

Transforming MegaFon into a Digital Player with an Expanded Partner Ecosystem

Nexign’s primary goal was to support MegaFon’s digital transformation as the company embarked on the journey to become a digital service provider in pursuit of fostering customer experience and boosting revenues in the sluggish telecoms market. To this end, the operator needed to build a solid ecosystem empowered by a leading-edge platform that would allow to accelerate innovations based on microservices architecture and unlock partner-driven revenue streams.
«We are extremely impressed with the results of Nexign Microservices Framework. The solution aimed at supporting MegaFon’s transformation into a full-fledged digital service provider and ultimately exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Microservices Framework, MegaFon is no longer a traditional communications service provider, but a disruptive telco employing a new platform-based business model combined with its existing services.»
Sergei Nikiforets,
Director for Digital Services at MegaFon
«Nexign Microservices Framework is designed as a scalable solution that has passed the critical test at MegaFon and proved to be a success. We believe that Microservices Framework can bring benefits to all operators that want to move away from simply selling communications services and become true enablers.»
Maxim Nartov,
Chief Business Development Officer at Nexign

Working in the New Normal

2021 was the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered a transition to the so-called “new normal” — the prevalence of remote work both within the company and in terms of collaboration with clients.

In 2021, 97% of Nexign employees continued to work in a partially remote format, when visits to the company office were carried out as needed. Nonetheless, the team managed to maintain a high level of efficiency in solving daily production tasks.

In 2021, the number of employees who chose to work completely remotely increased by 84% in Russian cities such as Vladimir, Vologda, Voronezh, Kazan, Kopeysk, Orel, Orenburg, Surgut, Tver, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, and Cheboksary.

2021 proved that the Nexign team is as successful as ever in an unfamiliar environment. For example, a project was implemented remotely for the largest operator in Uzbekistan, Ucell, since epidemiological restrictions did not allow work to be performed at the client site. Such an innovative solution is unique not only for Nexign and Ucell, but also for the entire CIS telecom market.

97% of Nexign employees continued to work remotely partially

The number of employees who chose to work completely remotely increased by 84% in 13 Russian cities

A new mode of work has come into the picture — temporary remote work from another region (up to 6 months)

More than 40% of employees in 2021 used the new “Remote work from another region of the Russian Federation” option

Corporate Culture

Nexign develops a corporate culture to improve communication channels to help the team achieve maximum efficiency in any conditions.

In 2021, along with the reduction of coronavirus restrictions, most events have switched to a hybrid model, supporting both face-to-face and online formats. The first post-pandemic large-scale Nexign Open Air sports festival was organized, and numerous live meetings were held with top managers in the cities where the company operates.

The Nexign Heroes 2020 competition was held online, following which the company employees chose the winners in the Team Hero and Project Hero categories, and another Nexigner received a special award from the CEO.

Over 200 nominees competed for awards

Over 1000 people connected to the ceremony broadcast and voted for the nominees online

35 employees were awarded the title of Nexign Heroes

Employer Brand

Nexign continues striving to stay an attractive company for IT professionals and create one of the best working conditions on the market.

In 2021, the company continued to extensively develop internal communities. This ensures more efficient operation and helps achieve higher business results. In particular, the Nexign Wise Foxes project was launched to provide a system approach to organizing the company experts’ activities for sharing their expertise within Nexign and beyond. Nexign Tech internal practical blog was launched. It has become a new platform where IT professionals can debate and share their experience in applying best practices. The Nexign Ambassadors club reached a new level of development.

Nexign philosophy implies concern for the comfort and professional growth of every employee in the company. An agile and consistent approach to interaction with personnel facilitated Nexign to ensure the team’s stable performance in 2021, focusing on the professional and personal development of employees and keeping working conditions in line with current realities.

As part of a joint project with one of the leading telecom operators, a unique experience was carried out by merging Nexign staff with more than 500 employees of the operator and longtime client of the company. A smooth onboarding system made it possible to integrate the group of professionals successfully and promptly without negatively affecting business processes.

The comfortable environment in the company and opportunities for professional and personal development have resulted in the fact that more than 50% of employees (excluding the newly merged team) have been working at Nexign for over three years. People of different ages and professions successfully work and realize their potential in Nexign.

According to HeadHunter, Nexign became one of the TOP 50 employers in Russia in 2021

According to Habr and Ecopsy, Nexign entered the TOP 50 most powerful IT employer brands

The Nexign Ambassadors project won bronze at the Silver Mercury awards

For the first time in the company’s history, employees received awards from the Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation: notes of appreciation, Honorary Radio Operator badges, and diplomas.

Career Planning and Development

of new employees completed courses on the onboarding portal
6.4 out of 7
is the average satisfaction grade given by new employees to the adaptation process
the indicator of personnel involvement for the last 3 years
Over 1,800
employees made Nexign staff in 2021
The research and development of personal and professional skills of employees, including methods such as individual development plans (IDP) and the formation of soft skills, are an important part of caring for the Nexign team. The Nexign Academy, a corporate training center plays a key role in this process.
6.6 out of 7
is the average employee satisfaction grade for training programs
employees serve their apprenticeship with the guidance of internal experts trained by the Nexign Academy team
new courses added to Nexign Academy program portfolio in 2021
32 teams
participated in teambuilding and development activities
Over 1,600
is the total number of people who completed Nexign Academy courses in 2021
Nexign Leaders Jet
In 2021, the Nexign Leaders Jet project continued its work aimed at development of leadership skills in managers and their future successors
leaders participated in the project in 2021
online events and 3 mobile trainings were held for project participants
is the average level of satisfaction with the project program among company managers
Every year, Nexign hosts a 360° Poll to help each employee get feedback from peers and identify skills that require improvement. According to the results of the 360° Poll, employees traditionally form individual development plans (IDPs), where they purposefully choose relevant development tools to achieve the goals set. The Nexign Academy, a corporate training center, plays a key role in this process.
Nexign offers its professionals a wide range of training programs in various fields, including:
Analysts School
The Analysts School, which was attended by 149 participants in 2021. The Analysts School provides microservice architecture, interface design and business process modeling trainings, as well as other courses.
Project Managers School
The Project Managers School was attended by 80 participants in 2021. The school was founded for beginners and existing project managers. Here they study interaction with the client, basic provisions and tools of the project manager, as well as PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and Kanban project management methods.
English Speaking club
The English Speaking club is English language classes including some with a native speaker. 105 people improved their English language knowledge.
Design for Non-Designers marathon
The Design for Non-Designers marathon. Here employees across Nexign departments learn how to create presentations, study color combinations, design thinking, and the basics of photography. In 2021, 233 employees took part in the marathon.

Internal Digitalization

A new system for working with the organizational structure has been put into commercial operation. This system made it possible to combine the management of both administrative and functional structures of Nexign.

This decision increased the speed of updating information and its reliability, systematizing the approach in terms of the formation of administrative units and functional teams.

A project was implemented that increased the level of digitalization of resource and task management processes. The result was the modernization of the Atlassian Jira family of products used in the company.

Fault tolerance, speed and efficiency of daily development and support processes have increased.

Best Practices

The transition to a new model of product distribution with a transparent architecture was ensured, heeding the requirements of functional divisions. This new model provided a clear understanding of the value of improvements and the ability to track the product cycle. As a result of the transition, manageability of reference data came into the picture, as well as a list of standard solutions, a list of releases and an actual list of shared products. This decision facilitated the development of technical products with their own life cycle and standard solutions with documentation of their scope.
An optional backup system available from local workplaces based on Nextcloud was prepared and tested. Now employees have the possibility to use a unified solution for backing up data at their workplaces. Over 45GB of data were downloaded during three months of the system operation. Both employees and managers use the system.
The paperwork reducing activities were continued. The following documentation was converted to digital format: handling leave requests, signing advance reports, familiarization with local regulations in Nexign Solutions. 147,000 electronic signatures were exercised.

Cooperation with Universities

The IT market has become more flexible and competitive, so the competition for personnel begins right as they enter the profession. Nexign helps young talents and organizes special programs for students, supports programming championships and other specialized competitions. We believe that today’s juniors are the future of technology! We spoke at many events from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, where we shared best practices working with students.
We continue extensive cooperation with universities, including certain partnership programs with the ITMO National Research University (corporate master’s), St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great and Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU). We started extensive cooperation with the Far Eastern Federal University, where we plan to launch a special SQL course from Nexign.
Over 300
students from 5 regions of the Russian Federation have taken part in the Nexign Bootcamp development program implemented by our company since 2019
of vacant positions, in August–October 2021 was occupied by graduates of the Nexign Bootcamp program with the best results following a summer internship
Our partners
Cooperation and working with the IT community of the Far East
  • Nexign experts took part in the Eastern Digital Forum Russky MeetUP & Digital Region which is the largest IT event in the region.
  • Collaboration plans were mapped out with the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), where a special course on SQL is scheduled for the second term.
  • We also partnered with the quarterfinal of the World Student Programming Championship, which brought together more than 90 participants at the FEFU venue.
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great
  • Case Thursday with Nexign was held at the Boiling Point of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Ten teams of first-year students presented a case solution for diversifying the company’s activities.
  • We have become a partner of the Peter the Great Case Championship which is held annually at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The students developed sandboxes, RoadMap, and games for the Nexign case.
ITMO National Research University
  • We have been a partner of ITMO University for a long time and are glad to see how the student community is developing. This year, a new PRO.ITMO program was launched at the university. This is a project focused on studies, careers and science. Nexign did not stand aside and joined the initiative to talk about opportunities for students within our company.
  • The corporate master’s program at ITMO continues its work, where Nexign tutors are responsible for the Telecommunications Software specialization course.
Nexign Bootcamp
  • At the beginning of 2021, 60 students entered the Nexign Bootcamp closed class program.
  • In October, we launched a new Nexign Bootcamp online season. This year lectures were held online in different time zones (as streams): Moscow (GMT+3) and Siberia (GMT+7).
  • More than 500 students registered for the new stream of open classes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a highly responsible company, we strive to comply with the principles of sustainable development in all key categories: social, environmental and managerial.

Social Principles

We stand for equal access to professional education in the digital field, openly share our expertise and train company employees, young professionals, as well as anyone interested in professional development.

Nexign supports initiatives that help groups in particular need of social, educational, medical and other support. In 2021, Nexign hosted two socially noteworthy events, namely Generous Tuesday and Wishing Tree.

The main mission of Generous Tuesday is to involve people in charity and show that helping is not as difficult as it seems. At Nexign, it is done in just a few clicks because our employees have access to a convenient online fairground format in the Nexign Store. Here, on the occasion of the event, you can purchase special charity goods marked with a certain sign.

The Wishing Tree is a charity event where Nexign employees can support single elderly people, support orphans or help shelters that take care of homeless animals.

In addition, Nexign has an informal Good Deeds Society founded to help people or animals in trouble or in tight situations. Thus, in May 2021, society activists collected food and sweets for lonely elderly people.

Environmental Principles

We encourage smart consumption, reduced use of plastic, recycling and proper disposal of equipment and hazardous substances. In our offices, we sort several types of waste. There are dedicated containers for paper, plastic, glass, spent cartridges and batteries.

We also believe in moving away from paper documents and converting them to electronic ones in order to digitize internal processes. In 2021, Nexign employees signed most of their applications electronically, and we prefer to partner with companies that use electronic document flow.

We implement the same approach in our solutions. We develop modern digital products that transform the telecommunications and technology businesses and help clients receive quality services, accelerating to a brighter future.

Quality Management

As a global IT systems provider, Nexign repeatedly confirms that the quality of its products and services meets the highest requirements of the international community. In 2021, sustained work was continued to optimize and improve the quality of products and internal processes.

Strategic Development Priorities

For the telecom industry, 2021 was marked not only by the impact of the pandemic, but also by the final formation of technological trends that will determine the transformation of the entire industry in the next five years. The main trend is the competition for the niche of digital services between telecom operators and tech giants. It is this rivalry that is likely to be the general backdrop for events in the telecommunications industry in the near future. We elaborate on our vision of the main trends and how they will affect the entire industry.
Agility is Everything

Agility will go beyond management and corporate culture and become the cornerstone for innovative approaches to the transformation strategy of telecom operators. This will enable companies to transform not only the entire IT landscape, but also its individual components or processes. An agile approach will help reduce the risks associated with massive transformations. It will help solve problems as they happen, without waiting for the accumulation of a certain critical mass. This trend will equally affect the IT infrastructure and the organization of business processes. In practice, this means that more operators will adopt a modular architecture based on microservices, as this will enable them to effectively respond to new market and user requirements, as well as significantly decrease the time to launch new products and reduce costs.

New Brands for Old Players

Today, clients are already accustomed to the level of service and user experience that digital companies provide them with. Therefore, they expect their interaction with the operator to be just as comfortable. It is in this area that the main vying between tech corporations and telecom operators will be seen. The former are more familiar to the younger generation who actively use digital services, so the operators will be forced to look for other ways to attract a potential client. It is highly likely that for this purpose they will create new brands to monetize new digital services and 5G. This approach allows CAC to be reduced by 70%. About half of the most successful companies exercise a completely new digital offering, and about 30% choose to merge or acquire a new digital business.

5G Monetization

While some operators are just starting to implement 5G, others are already taking advantage of this technology. Clearly, in 2022, companies will be looking to monetize the possibilities of 5G. Mobile operators with the help of their services will strive to participate in every minute of a subscriber’s life, and fixed network operators will need to find a way to successfully compete with them in these given terms. Widespread use of services related to gaming, video streaming, AR/VR, fixed wireless access (FWA) and slicing can provide up to 10–20% growth in ARPU. In addition, operators will actively develop B2B and design new concepts for their business.

Transformation and Culture

To move away from the image of a “traffic pumping company” and move closer to the image of their competitors as digital providers, operators should innovate faster and more efficiently. It is also likely that telecom companies will seek independence from IT vendors and will require higher transparency from vendors. All these processes merged with the increased demand for remote work are already challenging the usual business models. This will undoubtedly leave its mark not only on the user experience, but also on the corporate culture. Companies will use more agile tools to manage employee experience in order to become more innovative and open to new technologies and solutions.

Partner Ecosystem

Since the creation of an ecosystem and the development of a partner network will enable operators to optimize the value chain and find new sources of income, their importance will increase markedly in the new year. To do this, operators will need to increase the agility and transparency of their infrastructure by integrating partner applications into their own IT landscape and offering clients more partner services. Operators will also use co-branding strategies more extensively to increase their own recognition owing to a partner and thereby expand their subscriber base.

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