Backlog and Capacity

Smart balance of resources and requirements to streamline software project management


Nexign Backlog and Capacity ensures a full transparency in software development projects. Both the customer and the team understand each other and make sure that the full scope of sprint tasks gets done on time without overbudgeting or wasting effort. 

Nexign Backlog and Capacity allows the developers to assess, plan and allocate available resources based on requirements. As a result, both the customer and the team have a fruitful collaboration by leveraging the sprint backlog. The process owners can easily track the project flow, predict resource demand for each upcoming release and deliver on business outcomes.



Optimized alignment of team resources across projects allows to minimize downtime and predict long-term demand for team members with selected skill sets.

  • OrgChart visualization, editing, and reassigning employees to different departments via requests to the internal HR management system 
  • Access to vacant positions for resource planning with the consideration of future employees
  • Team and period creation based on the employee’s simultaneous multiple assignments
  • Analysis and alignment of commercial capacities across different business units
  • Employee assignment in a given period and utilization tracking

Centralized request and requirement management guarantees accuracy of task fulfillment and drives outcomes expected by the customer and the developer.

  • Backlog visualization
  • Integration with any project management tools (Redmine, Jira, YouTrack)
  • Project filtering by lists, resources, business units, periods, and tags
  • Access rights to prioritization, approval, and scoring
  • Search by priority, description, and number  

Work prioritization and measurement of capacity and demand provide a clear view of planning without resource conflicts and enable coordinated scheduling.

  • Manual and automated prioritization based on the task weight determined by scoring 
  • Ability to track of multiple criteria: priorities of business branches, approval comments, quarterly budget report (QBR)
  • Automated evaluation of the team’s capacity to meet the resource requests 
  • Approval history, available to the customer and the developer

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