Nexign: Monetisation
Platforms Report
by Analysys Mason

The report outlines Nexign’s strategy direction in the global BSS market and the company’s value-based approach to the business transformation of communication service providers (CSPs). Analysys Mason highlights that Nexign has a strong monetisation solutions portfolio and holds a dominant position in the BSS market in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region.

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This report provides:

  • a company summary
  • a strategy overview
  • an assessment of Nexign's monetisation platforms software

Nexign’s strengths and opportunities:

Strong product portfolio and
services practice
Extensive experience in large
digital transformation projects for
Tier-1 operators
Cloud-native compliant vision
backed up by a DevOps-led
delivery model

CSPs that embark on the digital transformation journey are focused on both business and financial outcomes. From a technology perspective, this is driving CSPs to demand systems that are cloud-native compliant and backed up by open architecture frameworks and DevOps and CI/CD delivery models.

Vendors such as Nexign are well positioned to help CSPs in this journey by virtue of their broad telco experience in monetisation and customer experience systems as well as their value-based approach to digital transformation that emphasises ROI expansion.

John Abraham,
Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason
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