Neon Intranet Platform Helps TALMER Harness the Power of Collaboration

Nexign provided TALMER with Neon Intranet Platform, which became the first corporate portal for the customer. The solution addressed an urgent need to keep employees connected and enable a centralized source for searching and sharing corporate information securely. Neon helped TALMER unify employees, facilitate easy access to necessary information, and reduce HR workload.
TALMER is a system integrator and supplier of IT solutions that implements high-tech projects with a focus on the industry specifics of the customer. The company works on the design, construction, and modernization of turnkey data processing centers and offers projects of building the engineering infrastructure of the data center and creating an IT landscape.


Previously, TALMER didn’t use an intranet portal. When it came to increasing the efficiency of collaboration, the company began looking for a solution that would help build vertical and horizontal communication and ensure a centralized, accessible source of up-to-date information for all employees. 


Nexign implemented Neon Intranet Platform built on a cutting-edge technology stack. Nexign’s and TALMER’s teams had meetings on a regular basis and made real-time adjustments, which ensured that all of the required work was completed on time and according to the scope statement.

The solution was deployed on the customer’s premises and integrated with 1С and Active Directory. Also, email notifications were set up to speed up information sharing among employees.

The first release included a number of basic modules: 

  • Employee Profiles
  • Corporate News and Groups
  • Employee Accounts
  • Surveys

The second stage covered the following functionality:

  • Vacation Scheduler
  • Internal Jobs
  • Office Map
  • Company Page

Neon’s Vacation Scheduler significantly reduced the HR workload. Previously, the employees fulfilled their vacation schedules manually in Excel, and it took approximately one month to process all the data. Now the portal provides transparent vacation planning with automated schedule generation and control of overlapping time off. At the same time, the most popular features at TALMER became Company News, keeping employees up to date on the corporate life, and Recognition, stimulating collaboration and motivation. 

The implemented modules create an ecosystem where employees benefit from digitalized tasks and effortless access to all necessary information.

We had a mutual understanding with Nexign. Both teams made quick decisions and timely adjustments during the implementation. We reached an effective outcome that met our aspirations to create a digital ecosystem where employees can stay informed and connected through common goals and values.
We provided our customer with Neon’s all-in-one intranet-portal functionality, including easy navigation via a modern interface and quick access to corporate information. In addition, Nexign’s solution can be expanded to meet the company’s growing needs.


  • 01
    Building a single source of corporate information with company news and an easily accessible organizational chart
  • 04
    Accelerating employee onboarding
  • 02
    Improving internal communications and enforcing the corporate culture by creating professional groups, holding surveys and contests, and sharing feedback
  • 05
    Making the search for colleagues, projects, and events faster
  • 03
    Automating vacation planning and reducing workload on employees and HR professionals


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