Annual report

120 +
successful projects
50 +
customers comprising telecom operators from various countries, including Tier 1 companies
28 years
of market success providing solutions for telecom operators
200 million+
subscribers in our customers’ subscriber bases
Financial performance
Increases in net profit and operating margin of 22% and 16% respectively likewise testify to the fact that Nexign has chosen the right course and that the work of Nexign’s global team is bearing fruit.
2019 finance graphic
Net profit increase
million USD
Company revenue,
including revenue from new projects
Revenue from new projects
Net profit
Operating margin
Net cash flow*
* This figure is calculated as revenues minus expenses.
** The net profit and operating margin figures for 2018 included in this document are slightly different from the figures presented in the 2018 report. This is due to adjustments made to the reporting for 2018 subsequent to the report’s publication.
*** All annual report figures presented reflect management reporting data prepared in compliance with the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS). The effect of management accounting adjustments on net profit is no more than 2%.
Financial performance
2019 results

The results achieved by Nexign in 2019 demonstrate that our management team has set the right strategic course. Revenue in 2019 was up by 3% compared with 2018


In 2019, Nexign succeeded in diversifying its customer portfolio and developing collaborations with telecom operators in Russia, the CIS, and other parts of the world. Revenue from new projects (customer portfolio excluding work carried out for MegaFon) increased by 38%.

This positive trend is largely associated with the success of Nexign’s projects for strategic customers in Russia, and with the first sales of our new product, Nexign Digital BSS, which occurred in 2019.

Key milestones
Diversification of our customer portfolio
2019 saw company revenue from new projects grow by 38%. This was largely thanks to Nexign’s increasingly strong position on the Russian and international markets.
New strategic partners in Middle East and African markets
In 2019 we signed partnership agreements with two leading systems integrators in the Middle East and Africa: NETS International and Giza Systems. This helped Nexign strengthen its presence in strategically important regions and access new opportunities to promote its products and services.
Integration with ICS Holding
In 2019 Nexign continued its integration into the IСS Holding ecosystem. Joint testing of software and hardware systems for supply to customers was carried out, and marketing support organised to enable ICS Holding companies to participate in international exhibitions and conferences. A corporate university for employees of all ICS Holding companies was launched, based at Nexign’s training centre, the NX Academy.
Next steps in collaboration with MegaFon
In 2019 Nexign and MegaFon continued their joint development of a new billing system. This solution is helping the operator to create new network monetisation opportunities and provide a high-quality service to subscribers even during periods of peak demand.
Launch of a data analysis system for Rostelecom
Nexign created a universal scalable analytics system for Rostelecom which is designed around both the provider’s current needs and its strategic priorities for developing digital services. The 2019 project marked a new stage in the companies’ long-term collaboration on automating inter-carrier settlements.
Installation of a system for automating Tele2 partner settlements
Nexign and Tele2 completed implementation of a Partner Relationship Management system to support the operator’s collaboration with its partner network. This will allow Tele2 to expand its ecosystem and create effective new models for digital partnership in communications services and other sectors.
A joint venture with Gazprom Neft
Gazprom Neft and ICS Holding (represented by Nexign) have set up a joint venture that will develop digital products for the oil and gas industry and roll them out to the sector’s Russian and global markets.
New product functionality
2019 saw Nexign continue to develop its product line, which is focused on telecoms operators’ key needs: support for new business models, faster time-to-market for new products and services, and an improved user experience.
Nexign Digital BSS
Nexign Digital BSS brings together all of the key functions of a BSS system in a modular solution that enables telecom operators to make their business processes more efficient and harness the new opportunities provided by the digital world to diversify their revenues.
Convergence in all areas, including network type, mode of service provision, subscriber category, and payment method
Architecture based on a single comprehensive product catalogue
Support of 5G-enabled business models
Microservices architecture with native DevOps support
Online charging
Support for cloud deployment
Nexign Digital BSS
2019 results
Nexign Digital BSS now has expanded functionality in the areas of order management, process configuration, flexible pricing, and billing in convergent networks. Functions to make product catalogue management more convenient were added.
We released an update to Nexign’s Convergent Billing Solution (our system for billing and managing customer relationships, employed in leading telecom operators’ networks in Russia, the CIS, and Europe). We also enriched the functionality of operator's working place interface, giving the users greater flexibility in processes management.
The solution’s architecture meets the needs of telecom operators who require agile management of products, services, resources, and processes in order to rapidly launch offerings on the market.
The Nexign billing platform makes it possible to rate, charge and bill for delivered services, supporting a variety of payment schemes, service types and user categories.
A profound solution for online charging and policy control supports the creation of complex tariff plans and bonus programmes to boost customer loyalty.
Nexign Network Monetisation Suite

Nexign Network Monetisation Suite is designed to help customers establish new sources of revenue, improve the user experience, and reduce TCO through high productivity and integration with external systems.

The high capacity and performance of the Nexign BSS platform ensures that the key system components are 5G-ready.

Authorisation, rating, charging, traffic management, and other services in real time
Monetisation of convergent services for private and corporate customers with both prepaid and postpaid plans
APIs for direct integration with application service providers (ASPs) and IoT platforms
Nexign Network Monetisation Suite
2019 results

Nexign Network Monetisation Suite now includes modules for direct integration with service providers (SCEF) and managing congested networks (RCAF).

The Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF) presents new opportunities for monetising partnership ecosystems, enables quality of service (QoS) management in digital service provider infrastructure, and supports sponsored data scenarios.

Implementing a function that informs on radio network congestion (the RAN Congestion Awareness Function, or RCAF) significantly increases operator efficiency, ensuring raised network throughput performance, supporting business-critical services, and improving service quality.
Nexign Network Monetisation Suite’s balance management capabilities have made it possible to launch financial products (debit and credit cards linked to subscriber's account balances at MegaFon) and support operator service factories (Rostelecom).
Nexign Network Monetisation Suite is capable of serving up to 50 million subscribers on a single node
Nexign Digital BSS can be deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Reauthorisation within 1 millisecond thanks to Nexign Network Monetisation Suite optimisation
OCS, PCRF, and DRA are certified for operation in NFV infrastructure as virtual network functions
Nexign IoT Platform
Nexign IoT Platform solves a range of problems associated with the practical application of IoT. It is a modern solution for the centralised, real-time management of IoT devices and services. The platform’s capabilities help CSPs increase their revenues by offering the market new IoT services and providing their corporate customers with opportunities to optimise business processes, reduce costs, and grow their business.
Nexign IoT Platform
2019 results
The product has benefitted from an updated, user-friendly graphic interface, support for the NB-IoT standard thanks to integration with the SCEF, network function virtualisation capability, and expanded fraud management based on device behaviour analysis.
Connection, monitoring, and management of remote IoT devices
Maintenance of a catalogue of devices and their locations, and SIM card communication monitoring
Management of tariffs, services, and SIM card limits, and expenditure and payment notifications
Service quality management and remote firmware updates
Warning system based on device behaviour analysis and specified limits, blocking in the event of device IMEI change, and network activity monitoring
Generation of analytical reports on the current status of assets and subscription to notifications about asset status via various channels: SMS, email, Push API
The Nexign Team
The driving force behind Nexign is its employees
Nexign is a team of professionals who create, implement, and maintain systems that provide 24/7 communications to hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. We currently employ 1,800 people across a number of different countries, and one of our strategic goals is to continue cultivating a strong and cohesive international team.
Specialist training
In 2019 Nexign expanded its opportunities for collaboration with leading technology-focused universities in Russia, and in St. Petersburg in particular, by concluding a number of new partnership agreements. Our experts help to shape university teaching programmes, and deliver regular lectures and masterclasses for students. Nexign also successfully operates and develops its own system for selecting and training students for summer internships.
ITMO Master’s Studies at Nexign project launched jointly with St. Petersburg’s ITMO University. During this 18-month educational programme, ten ITMO Master’s students work under the supervision of Nexign experts to expand their knowledge of modern technologies by gaining practical skills and working on real-life problems. A new cohort for the programme will be chosen every year.
More than 1,000 people took part in open IT events at Nexign’s offices.
Collaboration agreements signed with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPBPU), St. Petersburg’s ITMO (Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics) University, and St. Petersburg State University (SPBU), providing Nexign with the opportunity not only to participate in the educational process, but also to offer students industrial placements.
ITMO Master’s Studies at Nexign project launched jointly with St. Petersburg’s ITMO University. During this 18-month educational programme, ten ITMO Master’s students work under the supervision of Nexign experts to expand their knowledge of modern technologies by gaining practical skills and working on real-life problems. A new cohort for the programme will be chosen every year.
More than 1,000 people took part in open IT events at Nexign’s offices.
Collaboration agreements signed with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPBPU), St. Petersburg’s ITMO (Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics) University, and St. Petersburg State University (SPBU), providing Nexign with the opportunity not only to participate in the educational process, but also to offer students industrial placements.
Nexign’s onboarding programme:
a successful start for every employee
In 2019 Nexign completed work on its onboarding process, which was made uniform across all divisions. We launched an onboarding portal, where all necessary information and training resources are collected in one place. Every employee completes a short training course to familiarise them with our company history, traditions, products, technologies, and career opportunities. Supervisors also have the option of tailoring training packages to individual employee development plans, and of taking into account the specifics of the project or team in which the new recruit is working.
We are also continuing to develop our already successful Buddy project, in which every new specialist is assigned a mentor. Mentors assist newcomers in finding their way around the office, getting to know their team faster, and getting to grips with their role.
95% of specialists recruited in 2019 passed through the onboarding system, enabling new employees to successfully settle into their new roles at Nexign and begin performing at a high level within months of joining the company.
from 7 to 2%
Employee attrition during the probation period fell from 7% to 2%, allowing Nexign to focus on employee development and ensure stable teamwork.
by 15%
The number of Nexign employees involved in mentoring and helping new colleagues learn more about the company and industry rose by 15%.
Nexign is committed to ensuring the ongoing professional and personal development of its employees
The use of modern staff assessment and development methods means that professional training can be evaluated regularly and individual training plans formulated for each employee.
more than
of employees have undergone NX Academy training
more than
The Academy offers more than 100 different courses for developing knowledge of technology and products and for honing management skills.
Nexign – a socially responsible company
Corporate social responsibility is an integral component of Nexign’s business, giving its employees the ability to positively influence the development of our sector and of society as a whole. We take a systematic approach to planning, running, and evaluating our activities in this area: eliminating inequality and improving the natural and social environment provide a foundation both for stable business and for reliable partner relationships.
Charitable activity
Nexign is committed to making a positive impact on the community – not only through technological innovation, but also through charitable projects and providing support to those who need it.
Donors’ Day is a company tradition. 2019 marked Nexign’s eighth Donors’ Day, with more than 80 Nexign employees giving blood for hospitals in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.
The Bravery Box campaign was started to provide support to children fighting serious illness. Nexign employees raise funds to buy toys for young children. After each visit to the doctor’s, the children are given a small present to reward them for their bravery.
Giving Tuesday is an international project which Nexign has supported with charity fairs and collections of items for people in need.
Joint projects with charities and collections of items for children and adults in hospital.
A joint clean-up day with the AdVita foundation at St. Petersburg’s Cancer Hospital No. 31. Nexign employees cleaned up a park near the clinic and painted benches.
Strategic priorities for 2020
Markets: continuing international expansion

Active commercial development in the Middle East and Africa, and in regions of strategic interest to the company where systematic efforts to develop the Nexign brand have significantly increased demand for its services.

Cultivation of sales opportunities on South-East Asian markets, and evaluation of prospects for commercial development in Latin American countries.

Partnerships: new opportunities for joint commercial development

Continued development of the global Nexign ecosystem, bringing together customers, technology partners, and suppliers of services and equipment.

Launch of a partnership programme aimed at strengthening Nexign’s presence on target markets through joint marketing and commercial activity with local and global partners.

ICS Holding: integration and synergy

Entry into new regional and sectoral markets, and development of joint projects with other ICS Holding companies.

Products: advanced technologies for BSS system optimisation

Ensuring the convergence and consolidation of BSS systems as the foundations of a digital ecosystem. Progressive technologies and engineering expertise to develop the service dimension.

Business: major agreements and new names

Increasing the number of major agreements concluded on target markets.

Completion of projects begun in previous years for Yota, Rostelecom, MegaFon, and Ucell.