Neon Intranet Platform

Connect, engage and inspire employees on a unified digital platform


Companies choose Neon Intranet Platform to create a modern digital ecosystem with a centralized information hub, streamlined communications and talent management. Designed with the employee-centric approach in mind, Neon is a pillar of the adaptive corporate culture driving engagement and contribution to business growth.

Neon provides a single access point to internal services and information about everything happening in the company. Available services include the news and events, professional and social groups, electronic application forms, desk booking, discounts and benefits, interactive office map, gamified virtual currency complemented by the marketplace, and others. On the one hand, the employees stay informed on personal and corporate goals and activities as well as share ideas and knowledge with coworkers. On the other hand, the HR and communications departments effortlessly tackle employee lifecycle issues and motivate the personnel through gamification, recognition and rewards.

Built on the cutting-edge tech stack and microservices architecture, Neon Intranet Platform enriches core HR systems with advanced employee experience management. Moreover, Neon is highly flexible to meet the customer requirements and can be easily integrated into the organization’s IT landscape.



Key Capabilities

For HR and Internal Communications:

  • Facilitated top-down and bottom-up communications
  • Built-in news editor 
  • Online employee feedback collection
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Information on benefits, discounts and perquisites 
  • Non-financial motivation
  • Digitalization of internal services
  • Electronic application forms and requests 
  • Goal setting and performance evaluation

For Employees:

  • Effective search for news, colleagues and documents across all information resources
  • Unified communication platform to interact with colleagues on business issues and share reactions and comments 
  • Groups, blogs and sharing of opinion and recognition 
  • Event calendar 
  • Detailed employee profile
  • Skills and experiences for career development and project participation
  • Access to corporate services and opportunities
  • Interactive office map


Key Highlights

  • All-in-one solution for building a corporate ecosystem
  • Easy mobile access through adaptive UI, eliminating the need in a mobile app
  • Integration with third-party messengers and systems
  • Fast deployment in the customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Modern design with dark or light color schemes 
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Adaptation to customer business requirements and corporate branding
  • End-to-end delivery and maintenance
  • High performance, cutting-edge tech stack and microservices architecture

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