Nexign Enables a Centralized Communication Hub for T1 in 30 Days

Nexign implemented Neon Intranet Platform for T1. T1 streamlined communication and facilitated collaboration using a single source of truth for corporate information. The Nexign team successfully implemented Neon in record time — less than 30 days.


T1 was seeking a way to create a single communication hub for its employees as quickly as possible. To this end, the company needed a solution that would focus on its preferences and ensure the immediate launch of the corporate information platform for information sharing with employees.


In September 2021, T1 brought Neon Intranet Platform into production. Nexign delivered an off-the-shelf solution, based on industry best practices, which included the necessary functionality to quickly set up the organization for employee experience management. Built on the basis of a cutting-edge tech stack, Neon can be easily adapted to the evolving needs of a fast-growing company. 

Neon gave T1 a handy tool to keep employees informed about the company’s processes, procedures, and events. Employees can easily find the contacts, documentation, and guidelines they need and share opinions on a single information platform through the following modules:

  • Company news 
  • Knowledge base to keep documentation of departments
  • Address book
  • Organizational chart
  • Employee profile with access to HR services (digital applications, requests and queries)
  • Event calendar and event invitation mailout 
  • Surveys and tests

The Nexign team tailored the set of modules and content to meet the customer’s requirements. The solution for T1 was implemented in less than 30 days. During the project, Nexign’s and the customer’s teams communicated via Telegram, which was especially convenient under pandemic-related restrictions. Nexign’s experts provided comprehensive support and responded immediately to the customer’s requests 24/7.

Neon is highly flexible with including a chatbot and various modules, such as goal setting and evaluation. In addition, the solution can be easily integrated with learning platforms, social networks, and other applications. All features are available to employees and HR through a single access point.

We used to share contacts via messengers, which was inconvenient and inefficient. Nexign empowered us with a platform to build a digital ecosystem where employees have easy access to all documents and data about their coworkers. Our employees visit Neon daily. As a result, we have a well-coordinated team and make business decisions faster.
To accelerate the launch of the corporate ecosystem, we delivered Nexign’s off-the-shelf solution based on industry best practices and adjusted it to the customer’s requirements. The modular approach allows us to implement necessary tools within the shortest possible time and enrich the intranet platform with more features later on.


  • 01
    A secure, centralized information platform for all the employees
  • 03
    Improved internal communications and boosted efficiency
  • 02
    Access to all news and key documents to keep employees engaged
  • 04
    Enhanced employee experience through a single access point to corporate resources