Conditions of use for the website


The user website, created and maintained by Nexign, JSC (hereinafter «Nexign»), is to be browsed in consideration to the present Terms. Use of the website (hereinafter «the site») indicates that the user accepts these Terms. In the event that the Terms are not agreed upon, do not use this site. Nexign allows the user to view and download materials from the site only for personal and non-commercial use, subject to all copyright maintenance of raw materials and information, and any copies thereof. Violation of these terms will automatically forfeit the right to use the site, and mandate the immediate destruction of all materials that had been either downloaded or printed from the site


The following symbols: Nexign, «Нэксайн», are registered trademarks belonging to the company rights of Nexign. Public use of Nexign trademarks and corporate symbols are permitted only with the written consent of Nexign. Any other goods and services, as well as trademarks found on the site, may belong to other copyright holders, and are used by Nexign solely for identification purposes.


Material posted on the site is protected by copyright. Without the prior written consent of Nexign, it is not permitted to be copied, reproduced, changed, published, forwarded, posted on the Internet, downloaded or distributed in any way. Nexign has not provided the user with any explicit or implied ownership rights with respect to any copyrights and trademarks.


The material posted on the site is protected by copyright, and any unauthorized use may violate the law. The downloading from the site of even one copy of informational material or software (hereinafter referred to as – «Materials») is permissible solely for personal use in non-commercial activities. However, this does not serve as grounds for the transfer of ownership and provides further restrictions set forth: the user is not entitled to (a) make any changes in the materials, use them for commercial purposes of any kind, publicly share or sell them, (b) subject decompilation of software, unless strictly within the framework provided by the current legislation, (c) remove from the materials any labels which specify copyrights or other proprietary rights, (g) transfer materials to third parties. The user is obliged not to allow any unauthorized copying of materials.

When downloading software from the site, the rights and obligations of the user are regulated according to the licensing agreement with the holder of the rights.

Nexign does not guarantee the absence of viruses and other malicious code elements in the loaded material, but has made reasonable efforts to prevent such instances.


On the Nexign website, links to third party sites are provided only for the convenience of its users. At the time of transition to any of these links the user will leave the original site. Nexign does not verify the sites of other companies and is not responsible for their content. Thus, Nexign remains neutral in regards to its approval and gives no ratings of sites of other companies or information contained on these sites, as well as the possible results of accessing them. The responsibility in using sites of other companies that contain links at this site will pertain solely to that of the user.


Any links to the site can be made only with the consent of Nexign, with the exception of links on search engines, provided that the site, where the link is situated on this site, conforms to the following rules.

  • The link is established for information about Nexign without the right to reproduce information. Any reproduction of information from the site is possible only with the written consent of Nexign.
  • It is forbidden to create the impression that Nexign maintains a site owner or endorses its products.
  • It is forbidden to give false information about the products and services of Nexign.
  • The Nexign logo should be made without any distortion and / or changes.
  • It is forbidden to publish information which could be seen as unpleasant, offensive, controversial or containing age limits. Nexign at any time, at its discretion, may prohibit the creation of links (or a particular link) on this site.


Information on the site is provided «as is», without any express or implied warranties. Nexign under no circumstances is liable for any damages incurred by use of this site, by the inability to use the results of using this site, or by any sites that have links on this site. Nexign does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of textual or graphical information, links and other content. Nexign reserves the right, without prior notice to users to make changes in materials. The user understands and agrees that using the site, downloading or in any other way obtaining information and materials from the site, is done solely at the user's own risk. Responsibility for any harm that may arise from the use of this site, including the loss of data and / or damage to equipment, rests with the user.


Nexign does not use this site to obtain user's personal data. Any contact information and other information about users («Information»), which are transferred to this site will be considered as not containing personal data of users. Information about users, which is transmitted electronically, will be handled in accordance with the company policy of Nexign for the protection of information about users transmitted electronically.


Nexign does not guarantee the availability and efficiency of the site at any time. Nexign may at any time, without informing the user, change the site's Terms of Use and any other information contained on this site. Users should periodically visit this page to familiarize themselves with the functions of the Terms at that particular moment, which are legally binding, and shall govern the relationship of users and Nexign.