Nexign 30. Empower change
Reimagine the future.

For 30 years we have been helping telecom operators unlock their potential, take advantage of new technologies, and discover new sources for growth.

We are committed to our values, and that is why we have retained our leadership in the industry for 30 years.

We aspire to be open, build long-term relationships, and bring together employees, partners, customers, and their subscribers.

Our goal is to create solutions that inspire the continuous progress and help make a difference.

We change along with the world and take the best of innovation to build optimal business processes together with our customers.

Igor Gorkov
Chief Executive Officer before June 2022

Nexign has always been in line with historical reality.
We have changed along with the market — and this, I am sure, is our main strength

Nexign's client

MegaFon and Nexign's Cooperation Anniversary Interview

Nexign 30: through the years

Our story begins in 1992 when we were a small team of like-minded people who developed billing systems. In 30 years, we have become an international company, a major provider of digital solutions for telecom operators.

All these years, we have been constantly evolving and changing with the rest of the world. Our achievements are a reflection of these changes. Like everyone else, we strive to anticipate the directions that will bring success in the years to come. Together, let's try to predict the future of the industry.