Working with Nexign is a memorable adventure: daily tasks seem to be the same, but they always bring something new and unique

This year Alexander is celebrating his 20th anniversary at Nexign. This considerable and valuable experience could not go unnoticed, and we asked him to tell us about the company in 2002, its changes, and his career path during this time.

Success story

I came to the technical support department of Peter-Service from the night technical support service of the Internet provider. In 2002, the company was small, dynamic, and results-driven; everyone did their part and worked day and night, always helping each other and learning new skills. Product core development had already been a separate department, but technical assistance and deployment were two strongly interconnected parts of one group. As a result, in addition to resolving incidents, I gladly participated in product deployments; it gave me invaluable experience and allowed me to visit remote corners of our country!

Working with Nexign is a memorable adventure; daily tasks seem to be the same, but they always bring something new and unique. The company has become an essential and wonderful part of my life, and it has provided me with new skills, engaging tasks, loyal friends and contributed to my maturity. My career growth has been associated with more complicated assignments and increased responsibility levels. One of the most interesting projects was the transformation of the Maintenance and Support Department. It required changing the department's organizational structure and optimizing its work. I also participated in the transformation of the Implementation and Consulting Department, and that demanded a significant change in artifacts, processes, and tools.

Nevertheless, my heavy workload often had a negative impact on my work-life balance. I solved this problem of mine with the Jedi inbox emptying technique developed by Maxim Dorofeev. This approach improves work efficiency and allows you to spend more time with your loved ones, and I recommend it to anyone having the same problem. 

I also have a good quote for new hires: "Be inquisitive, be insatiable." Every day we encounter dozens of fascinating things, facts, knowledge, and opportunities; however, we often ignore them, believing they are unimportant or just being too lazy to spend our time studying them. As for me, my curiosity and a wide range of interests have helped me advance in my career and achieve professional success.

In more than 20 years of my work, the company and its products and technologies have undergone significant changes. We have modernized and gained a competitive advantage in several essential areas; for example, we have succeeded in HR processes, information technologies, and security. We have matured, but the unique atmosphere of Nexign has remained the same. Both our former employees and new hires who are just starting their career at the company have taken notice of this.