At Nexign, everyone can find a project they like

In nearly three years, Yegor tried out different roles. He educated students, developed projects for them, and led a corporate academy, and now he is working on an internal communications system and the employer brand, hosting events for the entire company, and overseeing the Nexign ambassador club. We asked Yegor to talk about his teamwork experience and his reasons behind choosing Nexign.

Success story

I have always enjoyed working with people, and I joined my first youth association that focused on project development and defense, social initiatives, and final report development back in school. I continued working in the same direction as a student; the scales of the programs were getting bigger and bigger, but their budget remained the same. For example, I had to host an event for 500 people with just 5,000 rubles, which was only enough to buy frames for certificates. It is funny to recall those days now, but I am grateful for that experience; it taught me to solve problems, find talented and energetic people, work as a team, and push sound proposals together.

I was also interested in everything related to technology, gadgets, software development, and digital content. Before Nexign, I had worked for a pharmaceutical company for more than four years. I dedicated the last year and a half of my work there to IT projects in HR; they included HR business processes automation, e-learning for manufacturing sites, and other tasks. They helped me realize that I wanted to focus on IT, and I started researching the market and looking for a new job.

My path to Nexign was pretty traditional. I applied for a job as a Product Trainer, passed a three-stage interview, completed a test, and received an offer. 

My transition to Nexign was fast; I finished my work in Yaroslavl on Friday, and on Monday, I was already working in the office in St. Petersburg. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by the attention given to new hires, and I want to note that Nexign's adaptation process is convenient and engaging. It was also interesting to attend Level Up and learn from top managers about the company, its mission and vision, and the responsibilities and tasks of each department.

Speaking of operating tasks, my first days on the job were plagued with impostor syndrome; I constantly googled unfamiliar words, job titles, and roles; I also called testers "testersters" and lacked confidence in myself. I am grateful to my colleagues who helped me quickly adapt to the company and blend in.
Life with Nexign has been busy from the very beginning. In my first month, I participated in the launch of a new information portal, team building, and a corporate party that brought together the whole company. The same pace continues today; my colleagues and I are developing old and new projects, improving processes, and making work at Nexign more efficient and convenient.

Recently, I became the head of Internal Communications and Employer Branding Center, and my key goal was to assemble a team of new hires and colleagues who previously worked in other areas. Today, we are successfully implementing large and complex projects; for example, we worked on Weeks of Care to support employees and charity foundations, hosted the company's 30th anniversary, and held the Nexign Heroes competition. We also plan to introduce new communication formats, revamp our approach to sports and charity events, and work on strengthening the employer brand.

I believe that at Nexign, everyone can choose engaging activities based on their preferences. For example, the company lets you participate in product development for major telecom operators and build up expertise, speak at conferences and educate students, make tasks for case championships and write articles on Habr or to a technical blog, and take dozens of other opportunities. 

On its 30th anniversary, I hope Nexign becomes a leader in developing the most advanced technologies and solutions. We have an awesome team of like-minded people, and we can handle anything. Never look back!