I did not immediately make my way to Nexign, back then known as Peter-Service

Ekaterina has been working with Nexign for almost seven years. During this time, she went from a member of the technical support department to the head of the development center, participated in several important projects, including the implementation of Greenfield in MegaFon, and worked with various products and clients in different teams and cities. Ekaterina told us how she came to Nexign and how the company became her second family. 

Success story

I am a Candidate of Technical Sciences with a degree in systems analysis, management, and information processing (by industry), and I have been working in IT for a long time. As a student, I combined work with study; I started as an Oracle developer in the IT department at Volgograd State University. After graduation, I was hired as an Oracle developer, including Oracle Reports & Jasper Report, at IBS. Our main task was writing banking solutions; however, management decided that working with banks was not profitable, and I had to leave the company after working there for one year.

However, I did not immediately make my way to Nexign, formerly known as Peter-Service. First, I received a job offer from company support, as they were looking for someone with experience in Oracle. I associated support with call centers and rejected their offering. Later, I received a letter from the company but ignored it, and after that, I got a call from the HR manager – she explained that Nexign support was not comparable to a call center and convinced me to go through a job interview. I still had doubts, as support was not my area of interest. The job interview with Vitaly Blinov and Dmitry Ponomarev lasted about three hours, but it helped me see that I wanted to work at Nexign. I was informed that I was hired in 30 minutes. It marked the beginning of my career with the company in 2015.  

Before working at Nexign, I was not familiar with the telecom industry, but I was not intimidated because everything can be learned. My career started in the technical support department in Moscow, and my first product was LCCM (Loyalty, Campaign & Compensation Management). Today, I am the head of the Billing Development Center and live in St. Petersburg. In my seven years of work, I have faced new products, teams, transformations, opportunities, and challenges. They have helped me understand that although each team has its own approach to realizing ideas and its values and motivation, all Nexign employees share the same team spirit, commitment to results, and morale. I especially enjoy seeing everyone looking in the same direction, giving 120% to a task, taking pleasure in accomplishing goals, and cheering at the result. For me, Nexign is a second family where everyone grows together, learns to compromise, solves problems, and becomes closer and closer. Everything is possible at our company!

My work at Nexign has been associated with multiple noteworthy events, but I would like to emphasize three of them. First, when I was an engineer, I participated in one of the key company projects, the Greenfield implementation project at MegaFon. This experience was the source of many unforgettable stories; for example, we got together with coworkers during the White Nights of St. Petersburg. As an active, energetic, and optimistic person, I also helped to improve the processes inside the company and its departments. That allowed me to be appointed to management in 2018.

Second, the first six months of my work in management were significant for my development. This period was one big challenge consisting of multiple tasks, small and urgent, but it allowed me to learn and grow as a professional and a leader. I want to thank my mentors and colleagues who supported me along the way.

The last significant period during my work at Nexign was the affiliation of BSS MegaFon employees to the company. This was a challenging time for my team and me, but we overcame all the obstacles and succeeded. I want to thank new colleagues who were open to change and shared our values.

In my work, I always draw inspiration from two factors: the people around me and interesting tasks crucial for my personal and professional development. In the past and present, and well into the future, my primary motivation is my environment; I learn something new from each of my colleagues, and I hope that I can give them something valuable in return. At the same time, engaging tasks contribute to my growth and help me move forward. Recently, I became the head of the development center, and now I plan to evolve in the field. I started my career as a developer, and today, I want to deepen my knowledge of the development management process.

There is always room for growth, and I am glad that Nexign is successfully pushing forward with its business activities despite the situation. Working remotely has many advantages, although, as an office person, I was happy when all COVID restrictions were lifted. For me, an office is more than a building; it is a place with a unique atmosphere, and when you are there, you feel that the company is alive and continuing its operations. Working remotely eliminates this feeling.

I hope Nexign finds new clients, works on engaging products, keeps up with global trends, and finds innovative ways to improve BSS solutions. Also, I hope the new hires remain true to themselves, stay active, engage in lifelong learning, work on complex tasks, and reach new heights. Find like-minded people, make new connections, and you will definitely achieve success! And remember: any change is an opportunity!

Finally, I want to tell the team: You are incredible! We are awesome! And we will definitely succeed!