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Nexign is an international BSS provider with 30+ years of experience operating across 14 countries. We help major telecom and technology businesses around the world reach new audiences and expand their portfolio through the transformation and modernisation of their IT systems. Nexign solutions have a measurable effect on businesses and dramatically reduce TTM for new products and services.


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Nexign’s products range from convergent BSS systems to elaborate optimisation solutions for subordinate software. Nexign boasts its comprehensive approach to reorganising all kinds of processes in the telecom industry, which offers a fresh impetus to the customer business and encourages innovations.

With a customer-centric approach, we are a reliable link between our clients and high tech solutions. Our profound engineering expertise empowers us to perform projects of any scope and reach complex objectives through streamlined business processes.

Nexign’s technology and business transparency ensures clockwork efficiency and accountability of the entire project, no matter how big or small.

With Nexign, businesses can transform smoothly at any level and always remain on par with the market.

Nexign Team

There are over 1,800 people working throughout all Nexign branches around the world.

The team is Nexign’s most valuable asset. We believe that passion for change is the key to new ideas and innovations, so it is embedded in our corporate culture. Continuous investment in our team’s professional development and inspiring work conditions is the cornerstone of Nexign’s corporate development strategy.



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Natalia Komleva

Chief Executive Officer

Natalia Komleva joined Nexign in 2013 as Deputy CFO. In 2017, she became the company's CFO, and in 2021 – head of merged operations and finance department. In June 2022, she was appointed CEO of Nexign. Natalia is responsible for operations and strategy.

Mikhail Matyushin

Chief Technology Officer

Mikhail joined Nexign in 2003 as lead engineer, and since then has held various managerial positions within the company, including the role of Director of Strategic Projects. In 2018, he took charge of Nexign’s implementation projects for MegaFon, one of Nexign’s key customers, including a large-scale project to transform MegaFon’s BSS. In his current role as Chief Technology Officer, Mikhail is responsible for R&D, delivery, and support.

Maxim Nartov

Chief Business Officer

As Nexign’s Chief Business Officer, Maxim leverages his prior experience as the BSS Product Director and the profound understanding of CSPs to expand Nexign’s presence on the market. Maxim boasts a strong knowledge of OSS/BSS and over 20 years of practical experience in a number of areas, including R&D, Sales, and implementation projects from both the vendor and the telecom operator perspectives.

Aleksandr Baranov

Chief Brand and Corporate Communications Officer

In 2019, Aleksandr Baranov joined the Nexign team as head of the creative design division. In 2021, he became Chief Brand and Corporate Communications Officer. Prior to joining Nexign, Alexandr was involved in rebranding the major online hypermarket Ulmart as the head of the company’s strategic design division. He was responsible for developing creative design concepts for the company’s participation in major international events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Davos Agenda.

Valeria Tenyayeva

Chief Human Resources Officer

Valeria joined Nexign in 2019 as Head of HR Administration and Incentive Program Management. At the end of 2022, she was appointed to the position of Chief Human Resources Officer. Before Nexign, Valeria held various HR positions at Mercer and Citibank. Today she is responsible for the whole range of issues related to personnel policy, recruitment, training, and career development.

Dmitry Antipov

Chief Customer Officer

Having handled Nexign’s relations with its key customer MegaFon, Dmitry stood at the forefront of establishing and developing relationships with all Nexign’s existing customers in all target regions in 2021. With his extensive experience in the BSS solutions implementations and profound understanding of CSPs, Dmitry helps Nexign’s customers to develop their businesses by offering solutions that meet all their needs.

Other Things We Do

Nexign’s subsidiaries further explore all potential applications of emerging and innovative technologies such as the internet of things or distributed ledger. The research brings about solutions that create new value to customers and drive technological advancement forward.

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