Nexign 5G Policy Control Function

Real-time, dynamic control of policy rules in 5G SA networks


With Nexign 5G Policy Control Function (PCF), telecom operators can capitalize on the enhanced capabilities of 5G Standalone (5G SA), offering ultralow latency, faster upload speeds, and guaranteed quality of service for connected devices. To unleash the full potential of 5G SA, Nexign provides future-proof functionality for dynamic control of network policy and charging rules in the context of session and customer parameters, network congestion data, and slice-based SLAs. 

Nexign Policy Control Function is designed in alignment with the 3GPP PCF and 5G SA service-based architecture. It ensures the scalability and high performance that meet QoS requirements of the constantly growing and diverse traffic in the next-generation mobile networks.


Enabler of Effective 5G Monetization 

  • “Right size” connectivity to specific use cases of enterprise and individual customers based on the end-to-end control of QoS parameters
  • Policy rules management for a particular network slice and SLA, including use cases in industrial internet of things (IIoT), private mobile networks, cloud gaming, and edge computing
  • Capabilities to launch Voice-over-New Radio (VoNR)
  • Advanced algorithms for seamless interaction with 4G policy management

Technology Stack for a Rapid Launch of Innovations

  • Compliance with industry standards and specifications, including 3GPP, IETF, and ETSI
  • Support for any telco deployment, including public and private clouds
  • Support for network function virtualization (VNF)
  • Prebuilt policy templates and reference scenarios for a quick test and launch of new services
  • Flexible configuration based on LUA scripting

Reliable Solution for Market Leaders 

  • Dynamic and automated scalability of network nodes for flawless performance
  • High availability and georedundancy 


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