Nexign RAN Congestion Awareness Function

Provides network functions with data on congested base stations and affected subscribers and enables dynamic traffic management to optimize network performance


Nexign RAN Congestion Awareness Function (RCAF) keeps mobile networks elastic and optimizes customer experience for all subscribers.

Staying notified about base station congestion, operators can apply policies to manage the quality of service for affected subscribers. Similarly, RCAF enables operators to set up top priority plans for emergency services so that they are guaranteed flawless connectivity in the most congested areas.

Key Benefits

Improve Network Management

  • Cost-effective resource management to minimize infrastructure investments
  • Sourcing predictive analysis to prevent congestion
  • Dynamic network load balancing for superior customer experience

Unleash Revenue Streams Based on New Business Models

  • Exposure of subscriber and location data to partner application service providers
  • Prioritized plans for business customers


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