Nexign Service Communication Proxy

Centralized signaling and real-time load balancing in 5G SA networks


Nexign Service Communication Proxy (SCP) increases the efficiency and transparency of the 5G service-based architecture by acting as a single signaling traffic manager between all core network functions (NFs). The Nexign product provides centralized traffic routing and ensures network resiliency through load balancing and NF dynamic scaling.

Nexign SCP optimizes network development costs through centralized configuration of new NF instances and interoperability across multiple NF versions and vendor solutions. 

The Nexign product is fully compliant with the 3GPP Release 16 specifications and can be deployed stand-alone or as part of the Nexign Signaling solution for converged 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signaling. 


Simplified Network Topology

  • Centralization of key control functions for the 5G signaling traffic, including routing and load balancing, network monitoring, and configuration and commissioning of new NF instances
  • Intelligent NF discovery and selection based on various criteria such as the context of the previous session, location, current NF load condition, capacity, and health status 

Optimized TCO and Reduced Maintenance Costs for 5G Control Plane

  • No compatibility issues when setting up new NF instances in the multivendor 5G network environment  
  • Lower hardware requirements due to reduced resource consumption and scalability of the solution
  • No third-party commercial licenses included 

Enhanced Elasticity and Security of the Signaling Network

  • Scalability, 99.999% availability, and performance fit for telcos of any level, from Tier 4 to Tier 1
  • Failover and load balancing based on dynamic policies and traffic prioritization
  • Congestion control in case of accidents, DDoS attacks, or an unexpected surge in application traffic and NF registration requests


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