Nexign Business Support System

Streamlined business processes, faster time-to-market for next-generation services, and tailored BSS solutions for unique transformation paths


Digital transformation enables communications service providers (CSPs) to support new business models, enter new value chains, and thrive in the changing environment. Although digitalization fuels unparalleled growth opportunities, CSPs are challenged to drastically transform traditional systems into modern, agile processes. 

Convergence of networks, technologies and services, forging partnerships with content and application service providers, and supporting smooth solution integration in the IT landscape are essential for the success of the CSP’s digital transformation.

Nexign Business Support System handles the growing complexity of telecom systems and equips CSPs with tailored solutions for different transformation paths, all aimed at creating a sound digital ecosystem.


Nexign BSS Architecture

Key Benefits

Systems Harmonization

  • All essential BSS functionalities in one comprehensive solution
  • Providing services to mobile and fixed subscribers on a converged billing platform

New Revenue Streams

  • Real-time rating of all types of services 
  • Maximized revenue thanks to a unified approach to traditional and innovative product offerings
  • Scalability and configurability of revenue management to support any business scenario in both existing infrastructures and 5G networks

Extensive Experience in Projects of Any Scale

  • Rich experience in BSS modernization, including migration of prepaid and postpaid subscribers to a single platform
  • Business transformation of Tier-1 operators with over 70M subscribers

Superior Digital Experience

  • Microservices approach to shorten time-to-market for end-user services and support third-party integrations 
  • Standards compliance and open APIs for smooth integration of the CSP’s and partners’ solutions on a holistic platform
  • Automated development and implementation thanks to cutting-edge technologies and CI/CD practices boosting continuous value delivery


What's Inside

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