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Fuel Your Growth Strategy and Transit to Leaner Operations with Modular and Database-Agnostic BSS Platform
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Compliant with key industry standards
Trusted by the leading CSPs
Open architecture & no vendor lock-in

BSS Platform Ready for New Business Horizons

Race ahead with the launch of advanced telecom and digital services for your retail and enterprise customers. Leading CSPs use Nexign BSS to expand and diversify their portfolios, aiming to be top-notch connectivity providers, 5G pioneers, or digital ecosystem enablers. 


subscribers migrated in a Tier 1 transformation project
shorter time to market
increase of subscriber base
ARPU growth

Solution Highlights


Modular Design to Accelerate Your Strategy
You can tailor Nexign BSS to drive your company’s unique transformation imperatives. Replace outdated, monolithic and fragmented systems with a single convergent Nexign platform designed to streamline end-to-end telco business processes. Leverage modular architecture to build tailored solutions – such as network monetization, partner management, or IoT connectivity – and bring new offerings to the market swiftly.
Universal Monetization Engine
Drive monetization scenarios for any service, line of business, type and generation of network, and any payment model on a single convergent platform. Increase ARPU by selling attractive bundles that encompass connectivity and digital services, as well as partner products.
Technologies for Agility and Intelligent Cost-Saving
Select software that best aligns with your IT roadmap and budget. Key, high-load components of Nexign BSS are database-agnostic. The solution is compatible with various operating systems. Nexign BSS is build using trusted open-source software and doesn't rely on third-party licenses. Thus, you can mitigate the risks of vendor lock-in and lower the total cost of ownership significantly.

When Nexign BSS is Right for You


Looking for All-in-One Platform to Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Streamline all business operations⁠ — from customer and product onboarding to sales to network monetization and revenue collection
  • Consolidate all your services and customers on a convergent platform
Transforming into a Digital Services Provider
  • Diversify revenue sources beyond connectivity by offering services co-created with partners
  • IoT, cloud, and digital subscriptions
Launching a Telecom Business from Scratch
  • Start a new MNO, MVNO, or fixed-line business with our pre-integratedend-to-end solution in 4 months
  • Use out-of-the-box templates for products and processes

Our Clients



Why Nexign BSS


Open to New Business Models 

  • Unified approach to managing any service, line of business, network type and generation
  • Catalog-driven product management leveraging a SID data model
  • 5G monetization with slice-based and SLA-aware scenarios
  • Real-time charging and billing for telecom services, digital subscriptions, partner products, and cross-service bundles

Lean Operations and Faster TTM

  • End-to-end automation of telco processes
  • Modular solution based on microservices
  • Ready-to-use product and process templates
  • Rich configuration and extension capabilities, including low-code and no-code tools
  • Smooth integration into the IT landscape through TM Forum’s certified Open APIs


Reduced TCO and No Vendor Lock-in

  • Database-agnostic approach and use of trusted open-source software 
  • No third-party commercial licenses dependency
  • Architecture compliant with industry standards: 3GPP, ETSI, and TM Forum

Ready for Growth

  • Performance optimized for Tier 1-2 operators: support for up to 100 million subscribers and ability to process 100 thousand transactions per second
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Архитектура по принципам TM Forum Open Digital Architecture, серебряный уровень сертификации TM Forum Open API

BSS Trusted by Telecom Market

Transforming a BSS is challenging. Nexign team has over 30 years of experience in delivering BSS projects of any scope and level of complexity. Our solutions help leading CSPs serve millions of customers worldwide. Choose a partner and technology that are already trusted by the market.   

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