Nexign Mediation

A low-code platform to centralize the collection and transformation of the CSP’s network data


Every day, communications service providers’ (CSP) networks process billions of events: data comes from distributed network equipment and supporting systems in heterogeneous formats. Nexign Mediation turns unstructured raw network data into information that is ready to be used by the CSP’s business systems.

Nexign Mediation is a high-performance low-code platform that centrally collects data from various network equipment and other sources, cleans, aggregates, converts, and distributes it to the telecom operator's downstream business systems in the required format for scenarios of any complexity.

The Nexign platform reduces operational costs by bringing automation, transparency, and speed to the comprehensive processes of network data collection and transformation. Nexign Mediation comes with a low-code builder for data processing scenarios. It streamlines the setup of new formats and sources, enabling faster adaptation to market changes.

Nexign Mediation Architecture

Supported use cases for telecom mediation

  • BSS mediation: CDR data collection and preparation for charging and billing functions
  • Prompt data distribution to revenue assurance and fraud management systems
  • File exchange for reconciliation and settlement with roaming and interconnect partners
  • Data migration between the CSP’s systems within the OSS/BSS environment 
  • Data collection and preparation for data warehouses, Big Data, and BI-systems
  • OSS mediation: collection and preliminary processing of network monitoring data, including accidents, counters, and KPIs

Key benefits

Single Platform for Network Data Processing

  • Centralized telecom mediation system for online and offline network data collection, transformation, and distribution
  • Integration with multivendor equipment 
  • Support for all network types: 2G –5G, PSTN, VoIP, DSL, FTTX, and GPON
  • Flexible setup and visualization for data processing scenarios of any complexity
  • Convenient and powerful user interface
  • Support for 5G and IoT use cases
  • Compliance with the 3GPP and TM Forum standards

Data Processing Flexibility

  • Handling different types of data: xDR, monitoring data, and payment data
  • Data transformation: parsing, validation, normalization, and deduplication
  • Analytical preparation: filtering, grouping, aggregation, and enrichment
  • Guaranteed data delivery
  • Drag-and-drop builder to create and execute data processing scenarios
  • Ready-to-use plugins to speed up the onboarding of new data types and formats as well as data sources and consuming systems 
  • CDR metadata storage

Cutting-Edge Technologies and High Performance

  • Containerization, horizontal scaling, and CI/CD pipeline 
  • Smooth and reliable data processing for Tier 1 CSPs (over 1.5 billion xDRs daily)

Reduced TCO

  • Low-code platform, minimizing the need for developer involvement to configure required data processing flows
  • Leveraging trusted open-source technologies to optimize platform cost and minimize vendor lock-in risks
  • Legacy systems replacement, reducing the complexity of the CSP’s IT infrastructure 


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