Nexign Service Capability Exposure Function

Levels up integration with partner application service providers and IoT platforms through secure network exposure, ensures cost- and resource-effective mobile connectivity for IoT devices, and unlocks new partner channels of network monetization, including 5G cases


Network exposure plays a significant role in operators’ end-to-end value chain of digital service delivery, particularly for 5G and Internet of Things (IoT).

Nexign Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF) provides partner applications and IoT platforms with means to securely exploit 3GPP networks. SCEF provides APIs to exposure network capabilities that can be used by the application server and ensures precise data exchange. Thus, SCEF contributes to the success of partner-enabled business models.

Key Benefits

Boost Customer Experience and New Revenue Streams

  • Advanced connection configurations for individual application providers and subscribers
  • Support for cost- and resource-effective technologies for IoT devices, such as Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD)


  • Flexible application-level QoS management 
  • Direct integration with partner services for QoS-specified 3rd-party traffic delivery

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