Nexign Roaming Support System

Standards-compliant roaming management for transparent and correct partner settlements


Telecom companies are looking for certified solutions to address cross-border and cross-network settlement challenges, such as cost reduction and faster exchange of roaming traffic data among multiple partner operators. Nexign’s standards-compliant Roaming Support System fully automates domestic and international roaming management, ensures timely and correct invoicing for roaming services, and tackles such issues as lack of flexibility and high costs of clearing houses.

Roaming Support System comprises a comprehensive set of roaming management tools for both midsize and Tier 1 operators.

Key Benefits

  • Management of roaming partner data
  • TAP files generation and processing
  • Management of financial documentation, such as invoices and credit notes
  • Exchange of aggregated financial data (RTDR)
  • End-to-end RRP procedure implementation (RAP files)
  • Real-time data exchange for fraud prevention (NRTRDE)
  • Application of zone-based rates through call re-rating
  • Roaming broker functions


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