Nexign Network Repository Function

A centralized repository for the 5G core network functions


Nexign Network Repository Function (NRF) is a critical component of the 5G network control plane allowing communications service providers (CSPs) to build a distributed and scalable service-based architecture and enable effective interactions between 5G network functions (NF) through standardized APIs (Service Based Interface). 

Nexign NRF follows the standards of the same-name network function described in 3GPP Release 16. The Nexign product registers and stores up-to-date profiles of all NF instances available on the CSP's network. It provides a discovery service for any service consumer looking for a specific service provider in the network and sends notifications to the consumer subscribed for the NF services.

Nexign NRF can function in a stand-alone mode or as part of the integrated Nexign Signaling solution that provides converged signaling traffic management across 3G, 4G and 5G networks.


  • Simplified network management thanks to a single point of registration, configuration and administration for all new and existing network function instances
  • More efficient and flexible signaling traffic management through the centralized, standardized NF discovery service based on priority
  • Microservice architecture and stateless operation
  • Support for network function virtualization (VNF) according to the ETSI standards

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