During 30 years of successful partnership with clients, we have implemented more than 120 projects around the globe and proved our reliability and ability to execute the large-scale BSS transformation projects our line of work demands.


Nexign and MegaFon Reaffirm Commitment to Excellence in Network Optimization

MegaFon and Nexign have been collaborating for almost two decades to take full advantage of networks and deploy new standards and original innovations. One of the cornerstones of this partnership is…

Nexign Enables a Centralized Communication Hub for T1 in 30 Days

Nexign implemented Neon Intranet Platform for T1. Thanks to Nexign, T1 streamlined communication and facilitated collaboration using a single source of truth for corporate information. The Nexign…

Nexign Helps MegaFon Build an Open Ecosystem

Nexign Microservices Framework has played a pivotal role in MegaFon’s digital journey by enabling an ecosystem that streamlines partner onboarding and helps create new digital services for customers…
Rostelecom, Tele2

Rostelecom and Tele2 Monetize the Internet of Things with Nexign

Rostelecom, a full MVNO and Russia’s largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions, sought to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the internet of things (IoT). Tele2, a…

Nexign enables Uzbektelecom to transform legacy BSS and increase average revenue per user by 10%

Thanks to Nexign Converged BSS, Uzbektelecom seamlessly replaced five separate business support systems (BSS) with one unified convergent system, which empowered the company to balance operational…

Mauritania’s Leading CSP Increases Revenue by 10% with Nexign

Chinguitel’s billing system was outdated and its functionality could not meet the prevailing demands of the company’s clientele in terms of timeliness or correctness, which eventually led to revenue…

MegaFon Boosts Call Centre Performance with NX Call Centre KPI Management

MegaFon implemented NX Call Centre KPI Management to boost the performance of its call centre agents. The product is powered by the Nexign Microservices Framework. NX Call Centre KPI Management helps…

Nexign enables MegaFon to reduce TTM by 2-5 times

To broaden its offerings beyond classic telecom services, MegaFon needed to transform its billing system. Together with Nexign, they have driven a unique project to seamlessly migrate all eight…

Nexign Modernises MegaFon’s Roaming Partner Settlement System

The migration to Multi-Broker, an upgraded roaming support system (RSS), allowed MegaFon to improve the transparency of its settlement processes and ensure the support for roaming brokerage functions…
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