Nexign Converged Charging

Real-time monetization of CSP digital and traditional services for every network generation


Nexign Converged Charging enables accurate real-time charging and balance management in complex switchover scenarios for 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, and 5G SA networks. With the Nexign solution, communications service providers (CSPs) are ready to create a variety of rating models for existing services and 5G-augmented lifestyle. The new level of flexibility drives the monetization of innovative business scenarios and extends market reach across industry verticals and diverse customer types.

The ultrahigh performance and scalability of Nexign Converged Charging ensure network reliability and get CSPs prepared for the growing number of connections and mobile data traffic.  

Key Benefits

New Business Models

  • Bundled offerings within the CSP’s digital partner ecosystem 
  • Flexible B2C and B2B pricing models
  • Support for use cases in industrial internet of things (IIOT) and mobile private networks
  • 5G-driven scenarios with advanced control of QoS parameters and metrics of slice-based SLAs
  • Configuration of new product offerings via a convenient UI 

Efficiency and Technological Excellence 

  • Advanced quota allocation mechanisms for maximum system performance
  • Support for public and private telco cloud deployment
  • Support for network function virtualization (VNF) according to the ETSI standards
  • Easy integration with third-party systems and support for sophisticated business scenarios through compliance with 3GPP and TM Forum Open API
  • Pre-integration with the Nexign policy management and signaling solutions

Converged Charging

  • Charging for any network type, customer segment, or payment model on a single platform
  • Support for smooth 4G/5G switchover charging scenarios 
  • Incorporated 3GPP-compliant network functions: Nexign Online Charging System (OCS) for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G NSA and Nexign Converged Charging System (CCS) for 5G SA 


Nexign Converged Charging Integrated Products

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