Optimise, refine, partner: the secrets to successful digital transformation

By Maxim Nartov, BSS Product Director at Nexign.


For a number of years now, digital transformation has been at the heart of industry focus. Communication service providers (CSPs) are on their way to becoming digital service providers (DSPs). Some have succeeded, while others have failed and have had to return to the drawing board. A successful transition from CSP to DSP depends on several key issues: customer experience, analytics and insights, and agility across multiple areas. All of these can be improved upon in just a few simple steps, by optimising production, refining the product, and entering into partnership with others.

Optimising your processes

In order for companies to become truly digital service providers, one key goal should be optimising their time-to-market. From the BSS point of view, the main focus in this area has traditionally been on product management. This means finding answers to questions such as: how can you configure your product quickly and efficiently, without having to run an IT project in order to do so? The solution is usually  to introduce a Product Catalog and make your system Catalog driven. This can, and does, make a huge difference.

Refining your product

Let’s not stop there, though. Let’s assume your product management processes are working perfectly and at full speed. There are other questions to consider. Are you sure that you are reaching all your potential customers? Can you be certain that your product stands out enough to be selected from among three, four or more similar offers?

We believe that, to be able to meet these challenges, the solution is to boost your product’s profile by adding attractive new features that make it truly contemporary and suited to users’ needs. And that make it more… personal. These are the kinds of enhancements that put a telco company on track to complete the transition, both in the customer’s perception and in reality, from “service provider” to “lifestyle enabler”.

Making the most of partnership opportunities

One way to make these changes without having to become a jack of all trades and support multiple service platforms and apps is to open yourself up to partnership. An open partnership infrastructure can put you in touch with thousands of creative minds, all of whom can help you to reach people and connect with them on a personal level. Customers will be attracted to you directly, without having to fall back on any comparisons with other companies. Thus, they will be more loyal and more likely to stay with you.

Nexign Digital BSS offers extensive partner management skills with a strong emphasis on product management. Our approach gives you access to a new world of partner speed dating and onboarding, while maintaining an optimal time-to-market for the fruits of your partnership, in the good old tradition of striking a bargain.

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