AfricaCom 2019: Nexign celebrates one year of deep dive into regional CSPs’ needs

Nexign has spent three days at the event in Cape Town and shared the accomplished results.


At AfricaCom last year, Nexign announced that it is entering the African market in line with the company’s global expansion strategy. And this year, we came back to Cape Town to celebrate our success in the region and present to the continent the results of our projects with regional communications service providers.

Bringing together more than 15,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors, AfricaCom is the right place and time to get to know Africa’s key telecoms and technology players and discuss how your company’s solutions can fulfil regional organisations’ requirements and meet their specific needs.

Africa has seen significant activity in recent years with major СSPs working to modernise their networks and complex IT systems such as BSS. This is a great opportunity for Nexign, with its focus on becoming a ‘leader in value’, to enter the scene.

In addition to products with particular functionalities, African CSPs are looking for platforms with optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) supplied by vendors with new and exciting business models for an era of digital transformation.

“Nexign’s product strategy includes such important elements as powering revenue stream diversification through 5G, Cloud, IoT and blockchain, supporting the creation of partnership ecosystems through direct integration with content providers, optimising TTM, and reducing TCО through proven hardware efficiency and operational excellence,” commented Yulia Poslavskaya, Nexign’s Chief Marketing Officer.

‘’We are also seeing a trend whereby CSPs all over the world, including Africa, are asking suppliers to take on responsibilities beyond their specific area of expertise. They expect BSS vendors to become true partners able to provide future-proof solutions that support the convergence of networks and operations. That’s why the partnership model is at the heart of Nexign’s strategy – and it’s an approach we’ve been taking for 27 years in BSS transformation projects with major telecom operators,’’ added Yulia.

Nexign has already proved the company is ready to export this experience to the African continent and help regional CSPs to significantly improve business efficiency. At the AfricaCom event this year we announced that implementation of Nexign’s products enabled the leading Mauritanian CSP Chinguitel to become more competitive, target new locations where their market share was low, and launch 27 new subscriber services during the first 12 months. As a result of this deployment, Chinguitel increased its revenue by 10% year-on-year. Their subscriber base is growing fast and is projected to reach 1.5 million by the end of the year.

Following this success, Nexign continues to work towards a better understanding of regional telecom operators’ needs.

‘’At AfricaCom 2019, we’ve discovered a real enthusiasm for BSS transformation among CSPs, and we would like to establish a solid presence in the market in the coming years. We believe that there is huge potential for Nexign in this region and we are ready to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers and partners across the continent,’’ concludes Yulia.