Next-Generation Billing: Unification on the Digital Edge

In December 2021, Nexign launched the first release of Universal Digital Billing co-funded by the Russian IT Development Foundation (RFRIT). In this article, we discuss the product capabilities and explain how Nexign Universal Digital Billing is designed to offer a standardized, world-class solution with state-of-the-art billing capabilities.


Adapting to Any Business Needs

Openness and scalability are the key advantages of Nexign Universal Digital Billing. 

The product supports open-source and commercial databases alike. The system can be deployed both in private and public clouds. This approach enables CSPs to flexibly build a desirable BSS landscape while optimizing the total cost of ownership. 

Convergent billing successfully manages the consumption of communications services and purchases via mobile commerce, SaaS/PaaS-based subscriptions, and partner offerings. On top of that, the product can service B2C and B2B customers in compliance with the regulations of different jurisdictions by supporting multicurrency, multiple languages, and configurable tax schemes.

Nexign Universal Digital Billing goes beyond once-per-month invoicing and supports flexible settings of billing cycles, billing on-demand, as well as billing for individual products and services.

The configuration of reference data and rules allows one to adjust Nexign Universal Digital Billing to business scenarios beyond telecom, including digital content delivery, utilities, and the power industry.

Billing for Digital Communications Service Providers

Today, digital transformation impacts all industries and ushers in the remodelling of customer experience. Monetization of innovative services requires the modernization of fundamental architecture principles, data models, and technology stacks.

  • Nexign Universal Digital Billing is compliant with TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture and SID and easily integrates with 3rd party systems via Open APIs
  • The product is underpinned by the microservices architecture, essential for modern cloud-native systems
  • Numerous traditional billing functionalities have been dramatically redesigned to meet today’s needs through improved scalability, flexibility, and speed. The billing-accelerating alterations include the continuous online aggregation of consumption events and online payments allocation.
  • The billing process features script-based extension points allowing operators to set additional business logic autonomously, i.e. without the involvement of Nexign’s IT team.

Why Now

Telecom operators and BSS vendors have noticeably progressed in terms of digital transformation. New service and self-service systems directly shape the digital user experience.

But operators also face an equally important objective to streamline business processes aimed at creating product offerings, integrating with content providers, and managing revenues.

In addition, telecom operators have gained vast experience they can share with partners from other industries.

Nexign Universal Digital Billing, enabling revenue management and supporting innovative business processes, is a timely response to the challenges of the digital age.