Origin of Synergy

Catalyst blog


The Catalyst programme ran by TM Forum for several years aims to bring together large CSPs and top solution vendors to work on new innovative technologies. But what happens if this idea is taken a step further? This year a new initiative called Mega Catalyst was started. It’s a combination of several Catalyst projects leading to bigger thinking and bringing solutions to bigger challenges for the whole industry. We were lucky to take part in the birth of this format, as the Catalyst “Vertical Industry Telcos: a Federated DLT-based Marketplace” was integrated into the “Ecosystem Assurance” Mega Catalyst.

So, within our Catalyst team, we help shaping the data layer for the global telecom ecosystem, while other CSPs and vendors are augmenting it with settlement and assurance layers, leading to an interoperable and comprehensive solution for tomorrow’s needs of digital service providers.

The first results of this collaboration will be presented at the Catalyst Digital Showcase online event on July, 16, so we hope you can join it and see the top-to-bottom view of the future trusted ecosystems functioning!