Nexign Ensures New Opportunities for the Expansion of Ucell’s Subscriber Base

Nexign’s solution supports Uzbekistan’s first 5G network and increases the operator’s revenue by slashing TTM

January 12

Saint Petersburg, Russia – Tashkent, Uzbekistan (January 12th, 2022) — Nexign (an ICS Holding member), the global provider of transformation solutions for telecom operators, has successfully replaced the BSS system for Ucell, one of Uzbekistan’s major mobile operators.

As of late 2021, Ucell has been servicing 7+ million subscribers with its 4G networks covering nearly 75% of the country’s major cities and towns. The company was the first one to roll out a 5G network in Uzbekistan. 

Nexign and Ucell have announced their cooperation in 2020. The pre-existing BSS solution faced a hard time processing new tasks and servicing the continuously expanding customer base. Numerous local upgrades and the billing system’s closed architecture hindered its further development and support. On top of that, customer data was spread across several systems that required continuous synchronization. 

Eventually, Ucell decided to replace the legacy BSS platform and selected Nexign as the supplier of the new solution.

Nexign replaced the outdated software complex with Nexign Converged BSS (Nexign CBSS), a system supporting different business processes, technologies, and billing options within a single platform. The implementation of Nexign CBSS helps the operator increase its revenues and slash TTM for new products.

Nexign’s solution is designed for a doubled network load compared to Ucell’s legacy BSS system, and currently supports Ucell’s operating 5G network. Thus, the new capacities brought about by Nexign’s solution will enable Ucell to expand its customer base and increase the number of data transmission channels without compromising the system’s operability and integrity, which enables the operator to respond to new market conditions and to monetize innovative services.

Despite the complexities caused by the pandemic and remote work, the project successfully reached its final phase. Nexign Converged BSS will reduce the load on the operator’s technical department, help Ucell launch new services sooner, and take the user experience of its subscribers to a whole new level
Thanks to Nexign’s solutions, Ucell can further reinforce its leadership. With new services launched on the solid foundation of Nexign Converged BSS, we will be able to offer our customers a higher quality of communication while helping them solve new problems and making their lives simpler and more fascinating