Nexign at Africa Tech Festival 2021

This year Africa Tech Festival, one of the largest and most influential tech and telecoms events on the continent, is taking place online on November 8-12, and we are pleased to welcome our guests and customers on Nexign’s virtual booth.

Nexign’s BSS solutions and Nexign Microservices Framework bring agility across CSPs’ business and empower service providers to unlock new revenues due to a rapid launch of partner-enabled services. Feel free to visit our booth and schedule a meeting with Nexign experts to learn how Nexign products can help you to timely respond to market challenges.

We also invite you to join us for the discussion at the Leadership Roundtable “Microservices Factory for telecom: How to evolve beyond BSS and put new services on a conveyor belt” where Nexign experts and industry leaders will be sharing their opinion on the following topics:

  • How business support systems should evolve to enable 360 monetisation strategy and empower the service provider’s ability for continuous innovation?
  • In a hyper-competitive telecoms world a rapid response and ability to deliver partner-enables services is imperative for a service provider. What technologies can unlock agility across the entire value chain?
  • How to build an open ecosystem that attracts and retains digital partners and creates new revenues?
  • How telco companies’ skillsets and mindsets are changing to support hyper personalized business models and business process innovation?

Date: November 10, 2021

Time: 16:30 – 17:35 SAST

The registration is free. To register and to view the detailed program of the event, visit the official page of the Leadership Roundtable.

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