Nexign Completes Unified Billing Project for MegaFon

Nexign (a part of ICS Holding LLC), a Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, has completed the large-scale digital transformation project that addresses the challenges of CSPs globally, including the Middle Eastern and African regions.

Nexign claims that technologies and methodologies introduced in the Unified Billing project help CSPs of any size reduce TTM for new digital services by up to 5 times, simplify cooperation with partners and optimize costs for support of billing systems.

With a high pace of modernisation in the MEA telecommunications market, CSPs are looking for a partner to support and speed up their digital transformation. By completing the Unified Billing project for MegaFon – the provider of digital opportunities that operates in Russia, Tajikistan, the Republic of Abkhazia and South Ossetia – Nexign has proven it can bring measurable value to CSPs’ business and help them facilitate transformation.

The need to go beyond classical telecom services pushed MegaFon to rebuild the billing core and develop a unified billing system for all its subsidiaries. The joint team of Nexign and MegaFon gradually moved 8 operator’s subsidiaries to a single BSS platform and ensured that migration of the subscriber base did not impact customers. In the course of the project Nexign enabled the operator to achieve the following results:

  • Time to market (TTM) for various product categories reduced by 2-5 times;
  • Unification of processes regardless of the organization’s size and infrastructure complexity;
  • Transition from a regional-based to a single shared operation service to increase its efficiency;
  • The product portfolio aligned within all branches of the operator while maintaining the flexibility of local pricing policy;
  • Introduction of joint call centers with the same service KPIs and standardized routes for handling calls;
  • Improved quality of customer service across the entire coverage area.

Nexign also introduced several tools, which simplify digital transformation processes and are in huge demand among CSPs:

  • The microservice factory, which accelerates the formation of partner ecosystems and enables telco operators to speed up launch of new business projects. The use of the microservices fabrics enabled MegaFon to launch more than 100 new business projects.
  • The FastTrack methodology designed to automate the update implementation process. With this approach CSPs can spend no more than two weeks on minor changes to their billing system core.
  • The product catalog, which acts as a single point of development and modification of operators’ products and services.

“Since CSPs in the Middle East and Africa are looking for the way to streamline digital transformation processes, it is clear that unified and centralized product management, as well as technologies like microservices and methodologies like Fast Track are in huge demand in the market. Nexign is ready to help local operators take their business to the next level and increase subscriber loyalty by offering future-proof solutions and ensuring uninterrupted service at any stage of the project,” says Hassen Hamza, Business Development Manager of Nexign.

“The Unified Billing project is unique for the telecommunications market — both in terms of organized interaction and in terms of results achieved. The Nexign team carried out a comprehensive transformation of billing systems, which enabled fast-changing business of MegaFon to enter a new phase of development. Whereas the operator will be able to address short-term and long-term business challenges, Nexign’s expertise will benefit telcos of any size that are looking to develop digital services,” says Igor Gorkov, CEO of Nexign.

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