Nexign CEO sheds light on navigating the 5G era amid COVID-19

By Igor Gorkov, CEO, Nexign for Telecom Review.

Telecom Review managed to secure an exclusive interview with their CEO, Igor Gorkov, to shed some light on the company’s success in navigating the current pandemic in the way that it has ensured business continuity and uninterrupted services for its customers.

Telecom Review: An immense burden has befallen the telecoms sector due to the pandemic-induced heavy congestion on networks across the world. How has Nexign supported its clients and their subscribers?

Igor Gorkov:
Nexign helps to manage the new residential congestion scenarios with the RAN congestion awareness function (RCAF). It is a business support systems (BSS) component that keeps mobile networks elastic and optimizes the UX for all subscribers.

RCAF supports dynamic content adjustment and prioritized plans, introduces speed limits for heavy users and application control, enables CSPs to set up top priority plans for emergency workers, so that they are guaranteed reliable services for their communications and smart equipment, even in the most congested spots and at the busiest times.

Implementing technologies like RCAF will help to build customer loyalty and open up new monetization models which will be widely adopted in 5G era. But even before CSPs introduce full 5G support, they can leverage their mobile networks to provide reliable service to those who are experiencing difficulties working and studying from home at this time.

TR: There has never been a more critical time to innovate and approach business operations differently than there is now. What are some of the challenges and opportunities that have arose from the COVID-19 crisis and in what ways has Nexign dealt with them?

IG: Firstly, Nexign had to guarantee both business continuity for its clients as well as the healthcare and safety of its employees. Mobile and digital services are more important than ever as they are needed to support interactions between people which is why we consider it our primary duty to ensure the full and uninterrupted operation of these services.

Luckily, our infrastructure supports distance work and due to well-established HR and software development processes, it doesn’t really matter for us if the team work from the office or at home. As of now, Nexign’s employees have been practicing remote work for nearly two months and everything is going smoothly.

The main challenges that our clients face are increased network and infrastructure load and the need to avoid direct contact whilst also ensuring maintained and uninterrupted services.

Nexign’s solutions help CSPs adapt to fast-changing market demands. We offer telecom operators partner integration mechanisms that help the CSPs to provide the subscribers with digital services and generate new sources of revenue.

In addition to this, Nexign supports the eSIM technology that provides mechanics for attracting new subscribers without physical shops and helps the operator to fine-tune the policies keeping the subscribers’ connections alive if they are paid or not. Most of our clients also provide special tariffs for the medical organizations to keep them in touch with those who need them 24/7.

TR: How has the present situation affected Nexign’s product and geographical strategy?

IG: Our strategy hasn’t been changed in essence. We have a strong customer portfolio and I’m sure that our business will remain stable while the smaller and relatively newer players in the market may encounter some slowdown due to the overall global market stagnation.

However, we given the current circumstance, we strive to pay greater attention to the products and functions that support contactless consumption models, congestion management and 5G support functions development.