Bubbletone and Nexign partner to deliver new blockchain capabilities to the global telecom market

Bubbletone and Nexign today announced a partnership to develop a combined solution which is going to be the first of its kind in the global telecom industry.

August 13, 2018: Bubbletone and Nexign today announced a partnership to develop a combined solution which is going to be the first of its kind in the global telecom industry based on both blockchain and BSS technologies. 

The solution will be a new step in modernisation of BSS-systems for telecom operators worldwide that will enable new monetisation streams by attracting new clients and providing current ones with new types of services.

According to the agreement, Baltic Clementvale LTD, an Estonian branch of Clementvale LTD (an operating company that goes by the brand name Bubbletone), and Ventura Digital Solutions, a subsidiary company of Nexign, one of the leading software and services provider for telecom operators, will be developing a complex technological solution for the exchange of financial and identity information between operators.

As a result, operators will benefit from a standalone BSS with embedded blockchain, enabling them to increase the efficiency of their business through rapid and seamless joining of the Bubbletone platform. Once operators join the platform, they will get an opportunity to expand their client bases as well as provide new services for their clients.

The idea behind our project is to attract as many mobile operators as possible to the Bubbletone ecosystem and show them how easily they can take full advantage of blockchain technology and get direct access to the international telecom market in the digital economy era. Thanks to our collaboration with Nexign, we will be able to provide mobile operators with a complex solution for smooth incorporation into our blockchain-based platform that doesn’t require any hardware customization or advanced integration processes
Nexign has been working on the telco market for more than 26 years. During this time, we have consistently demonstrated our revolutionary approach in creating unique solutions for the industry through focus on business-driven innovation. Blockchain technology has the potential to open up a range of new, exciting opportunities for operators around the world and we are confident that the collaboration between Nexign and Bubbletone will result in an industry-leading Blockchain-based BSS solution that will deliver business value seamlessly on a global scale

About Bubbletone

Bubbletone is the first decentralized global telecom platform that allows mobile network operators, phone users, and service providers to interact securely and directly. The platform enables users to instantly purchase service packages at the rates of local operators using their existing SIM card all over the globe. Meanwhile, service providers can increase the number of clients and revenue without any additional costs.