Nexign IoT Platform included in the Register of Russian Software

The company strengthens the presence in IoT market and unlocks new opportunities for bidding at tenders and official competitions of public companies.

Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is a result of the evolution of the Unified M2M Control and Monitoring Center, the Russian software platform for the monitoring and control of connected devices of CSP’s customers. CMP is a complex connectivity management platform, an IoT class product for CSP’s customers from any B2X segments (transportation and logistics providers, fuel and energy companies, banks, retail, utilities, financial sector), offering telecom customers a complete toolkit for efficient control and management of IoT devices. The product enables real-time tracking of status of distributed devices, managing them at BSS or infrastructure level, and identifying any problems while connecting to the network.

The integrated analytics functions enhance the platform’s features reducing maintenance costs and offering companies new opportunities for the monetization of IoT subscribers. Another important function is the extended real-time reporting on service usage and operational status of IoT equipment.

The functionality for handling IMEI identifiers of mobile devices is available to address security issues. Each connected device has its unique IMEI number which on the platform connects to a SIM card installed in the device. If the SIM card is moved to a different device, the system instantly notifies the user about the IMEI change or blocks the SIM card, depending on the settings.

The specific feature of our platform is that it is software of a purely Russian origin – from scratch, we have made the software meeting all the industry standards. The platform was developed in close cooperation with MegaFon specialists and our colleagues are successfully using the solution today. The inclusion of the product in the State Register strengthens the presence of our company in the Russian IoT market and unlocks new opportunities for bidding at tenders and official competitions of public companies
MegaFon has been the traditional innovation champion in the Russian telecom market. The Internet of Things is one of our development priorities. At the end of 2017 we secured a market share of around 37 percent. At the end of the third quarter we took the lead in mobile revenue and subscribers among operators. For several years in a row, MegaFon has been offering both platform IoT solutions that fit customers in any field and the solutions focused on specific industry needs. The efficiency of our solutions is acknowledged by independent experts – for example, the iKS – Consulting experts recognized the M2M Platform as the simplest and easy-to-operate solution among similar solutions of operators. We are proud of the results of our consistent efforts and, without doubt, are resolved to keep going forward

Nexign is active not only in the Russian IoT market, but it is also tapping into international markets offering its customers the solutions solely designed through the efforts of the Russian development community in line with the best global standards.

In June 2017, the following Nexign products were included in the Register of Russian Software: PETER-SERVICE BIS, an automated settlement system; Online Charging System, a complex solution for real-time balance control and service management; PETER-SERVICE RSS, a tool for managing mutual settlements with roaming partners; PETER-SERVICE ITC, a settlement management solution; Partner Relationship Management (PRM), a system for managing the efficiency of partner interaction processes in sales and marketing.

More details on the Nexign products featured in the website of the Unified Register of Russian Software for Electronic and Computing Machines and Databases are available at