A Leading CSP in Eastern Europe Deployed Nexign Policy Management to Prepare for the 5G Era

A Tier-1 communications service provider (CSP) serving a multi-million subscriber base has deployed Nexign PCRF/PCF, a high-performance converged solution for dynamic policy management in 4G and 5G networks. It will increase the CPS's flexibility in offering complex mobile plans and bundles in 4G, as well as support the customer's aim of becoming the 5G pioneer in its market. The solution allows monetizing new 5G services and managing the quality of experience (QoE) for partner services and ecosystems in real-time. 
The architecture of the Nexign policy management solution ensures high availability and a deep level of automation and orchestration, including automatic scaling in virtualized and cloud environments with Nexign Network Management System (NMS). Based on implementation results, Nexign PCRF’s performance exceeds that of the replaced solution of a global PCRF vendor by 50%. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by decreasing hardware requirements. 

Being a leading CSP in the country, our customer had very strict requirements for the solution's flexibility, reliability, scalability, and performance, and we managed to demonstrate them during the delivery project. The solution will help the client accelerate the monetization of new services, personalize the customer experience more flexibly, and optimize network usage in the face of increasing traffic volumes. It is important for maintaining the operator's competitiveness in the market, as the subscribers' requirements for the CSP's service are expanding, and the load on the infrastructure is increasing.

Nexign PCRF/PCF fully complies with the 3GPP specifications and 5G service-based architecture. It can be deployed in any telco environment, including public and private clouds, and supports network function virtualization and horizontal scalability.