Mikhail Matyushin Appointed CEO of Nexign

Mikhail Matyushin, who previously held the position of Chief Technology Officer of Nexign, has been appointed the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He assumed his duties in this new capacity on September 19, 2023, succeeding Natalia Komleva.

Mikhail graduated from MIREA – Russian Technological University and joined the company as a lead engineer in 2003. Later on, he held various managerial positions at Nexign, including the position of Chief Strategic Projects Officer. In 2018, Mikhail took charge of implementation projects for MegaFon, and in 2019, he became Nexign’s Chief Technology Officer.

I am confident that Nexign is a team of professionals who are not afraid to set ambitious goals and execute truly challenging projects. It is a team you can always rely on, a team that will keep pushing the company forward. I wish Nexign and each team member great success.

Last year, under the leadership of Natalia Komleva, the company started to diversify its product line. Nexign expanded into new markets by introducing new high-tech, locally developed solutions. The company launched several promising projects, such as Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform, products for 5G SA networks, and a product line for developers. Nexign also started working on a comprehensive HR system.

We will continue to improve our comprehensive solutions for the telecom industry. They encompass BSS, a solution for IoT business expansion, and services for network monetization, such as 5G. Nexign's development areas also include designing new products to optimize and increase the efficiency of business processes of companies from different industries and launching an HR processes' digitalization system. Ambitious projects await us, and I am sure we could handle everything.