Nexign BSS Conformance to Open API Principles Certified by TM Forum

Nexign BSS was awarded a TM Forum certificate for its conformance to the Open API paradigm outlined in TM Forum’s Open API and Open Digital Architecture Manifesto signed by Nexign in late 2020. Certification info is available at Nexign’s page on TM Forum’s official website.

The philosophy of Open API implies greater operational agility, openness, increased end-to-end connectivity across complex software ecosystems, and the enabling of a global value fabric of capabilities for developers and enterprise customers.
Nexign joined the signees of TM Forum’s Open API and Open Digital Architecture back in 2020 having been de-facto committed to its basic principles in prior years. With the certification by TM Forum, this commitment has gained official recognition.

We are happy that our efforts in implementing Open API principles in Nexign BSS have deserved official certification. We shall keep on promoting the Open API and ODA principles which, we believe, benefit the entire industry and beyond.