Nexign Introduces Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform Designed to Develop IoT Business for Telecom Operators

Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform enables CSPs to automate end-to-end IoT customer lifecycle management, including sales and product management as well as real-time rating and charging. Nexign's solution improves IoT business efficiency by reducing TCO and fueling new monetization models.

Nexign, a leading provider of BSS and digitalization solutions, introduced Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform to help communications service providers (CSPs) automate core business processes in the internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) market. The new solution is based on Nexign’s IoT connectivity management capabilities, enriched with end-to-end IoT client lifecycle management, including real-time rating and charging, catalog-driven product management, order management, customer support, and self-service. The solution facilitates the connection of new customers and the creation of rate plans and products, reducing time to market.

With Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform, CSPs can build a digital ecosystem, optimize operating costs, and increase the profitability of the IoT business. The solution enables various business models to capture alternative revenue streams, for example by offering an IoT platform to MVNOs under the SaaS model. The advantages of the Nexign IoT Connectivity Platform also include the flexibility to select ownership policies and adapt to CSPs’ needs. The platform is modular, and its functionality can be expanded with other Nexign’s products to meet the clients’ growing demands.

In addition, the new platform improves the user experience of IoT clients. In a full-fledged self-service environment, they can manage SIM cards, related devices, and plans without the involvement of a CSP. Besides, the platform allows setting spending limits and preventing the misuse of SIM cards through monitoring and timely notification.

The IoT market continues to grow. According to GSMA Intelligence, by 2025, the number of connected IoT devices worldwide will exceed 24 billion. The primary factors affecting the development of the М2М/IoT industry include an increase in demand for new technological solutions, the integration of IoT technologies into practically all business areas, and evolving communications networks. In particular, 5G networks can stimulate the development of IoT by increasing the availability and speed of mobile data, improving network coverage, and guaranteeing high-quality service. 

Today, companies from different industries demonstrate a strong interest in IoT, which is becoming a bright spot in CSPs’ business. The Nexign team has developed a comprehensive solution that helps CSPs unlock business value in the IoT landscape. It has evolved from a BSS component to an independent vertical solution.