Nexign Launches an OSS Solution to Centralize the Collection and Transformation of the CSP’s Network Data

Nexign Mediation represents an integrated system designed to consolidate and transform the network data. The low-code approach minimizes the need for developer involvement to configure required data processing flows and onboard new protocols and formats. The platform can process over 1.5 billion xDRs daily, which accommodates the data processing requirements of a Tier 1 CSP.

Nexign, a leading provider of BSS and digitalization solutions, launches a new OSS solution to centralize the collection and transformation of network data. Nexign Mediation represents a low-code platform that aggregates data from various network equipment and other sources. It lets communications service providers (CSPs) increase the security, speed, and flexibility of collecting and analyzing data streams for further use in billing and analytics. Nexign Mediation also allows quickly adding new data types, formats, sources, and consuming systems by expanding a set of ready-made plug-ins. The platform can process over 1.5 billion xDRs daily and supports 5G use cases.

Every day, the operator’s networks process billions of events: data comes from distributed network equipment, various locations, and in different formats. CSPs can take advantage of this information by using IT solutions that can quickly analyze large data volumes, enrich them, and deliver to consuming systems. Nexign Mediation is a flexible and scalable platform that helps operators collect and analyze data and use it to resolve business tasks.

The Nexign Mediation platform provides users with a drag-n-drop visual builder to create and run new data scenarios. At the same time, the built-in monitoring system helps track the platform’s performance and promptly notify the operator of identified problems. Nexign Mediation works with both offline and online streams. It can also be adapted to the client’s needs during the implementation process.

Nexign Mediation utilizes a low-code approach that minimizes the need for developer involvement for configuration and support. The platform also uses open-source databases to reduce TCO. Nexign Mediation complies with the 3GPP and TM Forum international standards and works with all types of networks, including 2G-5G, PSTN, VoIP, DSL, FTTX, and GPON. It supports continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, containerization, and scaling.

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