Nexign Presents Upgraded Product to Automate Settlements between CSPs

Nexign has presented an upgraded Business-to-Operators product, Nexign Interconnect. It is designed to automate settlements between digital companies and maximize revenue from their cooperation. 

The new version of Nexign Interconnect has been enhanced with an analytical module that offers the opportunity to consider various seasonal patterns and global events in prime areas. By analyzing specific charges, the product enables companies to identify the most promising partners to cooperate with. The high-load system architecture allows processing up to 10 billion event records per day. When building a partner system in Nexign Interconnect, communications service providers (CSPs) can analyze various types of traffic, signal data, and event-driven sales in terms of content services, along with one-time and recurring charges. The product enables telecom companies to automate the receipt of partner price lists, customize data preparation and pre-billing, and perform high-speed rating and report reconciliation.

In the process of telecom industry digitalization, the structure of interaction between companies is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the number of new telecom operators, MVNOs, and banks is growing. The trust among market players is based on high-precision mutual billing for services, from traffic exchange to selling complex products with a long value-added chain. Nexign Interconnect streamlines settlements between operators and minimizes financial risks associated with non-payment or billing errors. We are confident that this product will become an indispensable tool for many digital companies.