Nexign Releases New Product for Detecting Anomalies in Business Process Metrics

Nexign Anomaly Detector automatically tracks abnormal behavior of metrics for which classic monitoring approaches are not applicable due to a seasonal factor. The product works with metrics at the business level and the software level. It is integrated into customers’ systems by connecting to monitoring databases and does not require installing any additional agents on the equipment. The product uses machine learning methods to automate the maintenance of IT systems and is classified as AIOps. 

Nexign Anomaly Detector helps identify anomalies in complex business processes, monitor their efficiency, and minimize the potential impact of failures on the customers. It is suitable for business sectors processing a large number of transactions such as telecom, payment industry, e-commerce, advertising, and online games. The product has already been used by a major Russian communications service provider and has proved its reliability.

Nexign Anomaly Detector is a standalone solution that supports both on-premises and cloud deployment. It has a fully modular architecture based on docker containers and can be deployed on both regular servers and Kubernetes-type clusters. Nexign’s product implements a fully automated pipeline to prepare and process the target metrics and can be easily scaled out.