Nexign’s Article Included in TM Forum’s Benchmark Report

Nexign, a leading provider of BSS and digitalization solutions, announces that its article has been included in TM Forum’s benchmark report “Telco Revenue Growth: Taking It to the Next Level”.

The report investigates the primary sectors and services affecting communications service providers (CSPs) and the areas of growth and decline. It draws on research collected from 33 of the world’s largest operators and serves as a source of valuable information about factors influencing successful telco-to-techco transformation.

Nexign’s article “Harnessing Traditional and New Revenue Streams on Track to Maturity: Harmonization of the BSS Core” discusses key challenges faced by modern CSPs while shifting beyond traditional communications and exploring vertical markets. The authors state that operators rolling out next-generation services have to manage multiple siloed systems, but this process is complicated and negatively affects customer billing experience. According to the article, CSPs can successfully tap into new revenue sources by implementing a holistic and synergetic BSS and ensuring a convergent user experience. They should increase flexibility at the core BSS layer by internalizing the Open Digital Architecture and 5G and providing network-agnostic convergence.

“As soon as the business reaches a mature stage, handling three to thirty billing systems becomes a burden. And there comes a time to minimize costs and risks by cutting the number of systems, ideally down to a single convergent platform. Instead of chasing standalone solutions, CSPs should adopt a broader perspective on future-proof capabilities that will empower them to harmonize revenues from any use case,” highlight the article’s authors.

The article also discusses Nexign’s new cloud-native, microservices-based solution designed to help operators overcome these challenges and harmonize all revenue sources on a single convergent platform. Nexign Revenue Management lets CSPs get unlimited flexibility to capitalize on emerging monetization models and services beyond connectivity while balancing operational efficiency in the increasingly complex environment. It also covers the entire revenue management process and is ready to work with any telecom services, digital subscriptions, or third-party products and bundles.

TM Forum’s benchmark report was released during Digital Transformation World 2022, an annual international conference dedicated to the latest trends and achievements in the telecommunications industry.

A complete version of Nexign’s article “Harnessing Traditional and New Revenue Streams on Track to Maturity: Harmonization of the BSS Core” is available at the link.