Nexign Replaces the Billing System in Ucell

Implementation of Nexign Converged BSS will allow the largest telecommunications operator in Uzbekistan to renew its billing system and increase the quality of customer service.

Cape Town, South Africa at AfricaCom virtual event – November 9, 2020: Nexign (a part of ICS Holding LLC), a leading Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, today announced that it has signed the deal with Ucell, the largest mobile operator in Uzbekistan, to replace the company’s billing system. The agreement includes consulting services and implementation and technical support of the Nexign Converged BSS solution.

Ucell is the largest mobile operator of GSM and UMTS standards in Uzbekistan. Currently it has about 8 million subscribers, and 2G, 3G and 4G networks provide coverage for 100%, 75% and 50% of Uzbekistan’s localities respectively.

With existing BSS solution, the operator found it difficult to address new challenges. A large number of local improvements and temporary solutions, as well as the closed architecture of the billing system, made the process of its development and support more complicated. As a result, LLC "COSCOM" (Ucell trademark) decided to change the existing BSS platform and has chosen Nexign as a new vendor.

“Nexign has already completed a number of successful projects in Uzbekistan, and we are glad to use our experience and knowledge of the local market for development of the BSS platform in Ucell,” says Igor Gorkov, CEO of Nexign. “I am confident that implementation of Nexign Converged BSS will help the operator to address challenges that the emerging market poses to telecommunications companies.”

The new platform will ensure harmonization and comprehensive support of all Ucell’s key business processes. Nexign Converged BSS will enable Ucell to reduce operating costs and increase revenue by quickly bringing competitive products and services to market.

At the stage of preparation for product implementation, a pilot project was realized in a short time to demonstrate the capabilities of the new solution. The joined team of Nexign and Ucell deployed a test zone, connected it to the network core, ensured full functioning and launched 100 subscribers, for whom key business processes were successfully put into effect.

Now the companies have started to implement a new BSS system. The project will be completed in the second half of 2021.

“Ucell is constantly working on the quality of its services to provide our subscribers with the highest level of customer experience. We found a reliable partner in Nexign. Despite the fact that the work on the project takes place during the pandemic, supplies are being carried out as planned," says Nodirkhon Zakhidov, Ucell CTO.

For more information on Nexign’s products and services, please visit Nexign’s virtual booth at AfricaCom on November 9–12.