Sergei Karpov Appointed as Commercial Director of Nexign

In his new role, Sergei will be responsible for leading the company's expansion into new markets, business diversification, and the strengthening of Nexign's position in billing sales.

Sergei Karpov joined Nexign in May 2023. As the Commercial Director, he oversees the commercial department, which includes business development and customer relations. Under Sergei's leadership, the primary objectives of the commercial department will include venturing into new markets beyond the telecommunications sector, consolidating the company's current position in billing sales, and further diversifying the business, including the development of HRM/CRM systems.

I am thrilled to join the team at one of Russia's most successful IT companies. Nexign holds boundless potential, and I am eager to contribute to sales development and the execution of projects that will enable the company to establish itself in new business domains. Leveraging my experience working with enterprise clients across diverse industries, I am confident in achieving our objectives.

In 2011, Sergei graduated with honors from the Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications with a degree in "Economics and Enterprise Management in Telecommunications." Before joining Nexign, Sergei climbed the ranks from senior manager to commercial director at Speech Technology Center, where he pioneered the establishment of the sales division responsible for driving sales of projects related to video face recognition in stadiums and crowded spaces. He participated in the world's first implementation of biometrics in sports in 2014, leading transformative video identification deployments in the Safe&Smart City and the hardware and software suite "Secure City" initiatives. He also contributed to the development of speech analytics, as well as text and voice bots within the Speech Technology Center group. Besides, Sergei was involved in a large-scale, state-of-the-art technology project in the Russian telecom market, integrating Speech Technology Center's speech analytics into the contact center of MegaFon.