Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution

Comprehensive support for wholesale roaming settlements


Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) is a next-generation approach introduced by GSMA in 2019 to replace Transferred Account Procedures (TAP). The previous standard was too complicated to support expanding roaming billing and settlement needs and future technologies like IoT and 5G.  While TAP charges each roaming event separately, BCE offers billing based on the aggregated data. Thus, telecom operators have received a more flexible, simplified method for wholesale roaming settlements.

Designed in alignment with the latest GSMA standard, Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution manages partner and rate plan data, receives CDRs, generates and processes reports (UDR, USR, BSR, and DDR), reconciles aggregated data received from the partner, charges output data, validates charging of input data, generates output invoices, and processes input invoices.

Nexign Billing and Charging Evolution provides a flexible configuration of new charging models and discounts, which enables telecom operators to capitalize on the new standard by improving the profitability of roaming services and unlocking new revenue sources in 5G and MIoT.

Diagram of Reports Exchange Based on NEXIGN BILLING AND CHARGING EVOLUTION

Key Capabilities

  • Automation of wholesale roaming processes
  • Receiving, generating, rating, and sending aggregated data (UDR, USR, BSR)
  • Generating and receiving DDR in the process of documents reconciliation and validation
  • Documents reconciliation and approval (UDR, USR, BSR)
  • Support for new charging models
  • Generating output invoices and processing input invoices
  • Support for references used to aggregate, rate, exchange, reconcile, and validate data 
  • Configuration, storage, and execution of user downloads from the database

Key Benefits

  • No vendor lock-in and reduced TCO
  • Compliance with GSMA
  • High performance 
  • Fast and secure broker roaming functions
  • Convenient GUI to control the BCE traffic and settlements
  • Improved profitability of roaming services