The 5G era is introducing new revenue opportunities for CSPs, but many of them require reinventing the procurement and integration processes to gain the dynamics required to sustain business growth. While some large CSPs have introduced homebuilt b2b marketplaces to serve these tasks, interoperability and standardization are keys for such platforms to gain global exposure. As a part of TM Forum’s Catalyst activity, Nexign joined forces with Nokia, Orange, Rostelecom and others to prototype a distributed marketplace for telco operators and industry verticals and augment industry standards to serve as a foundation for open and interoperable solutions.

The asset types supported by the platform range from radio frequencies and edge computing resources to customer-facing eSIM-based products, enabling a multitude of possible use cases. The vision is to deeply integrate the marketplace in the operator’s business by adding new BSS interfaces and orchestration mechanisms.

Project participants are taking steps to make the new standards accepted by the industry and available to everyone. The recent whitepaper titled “Federated CSPs Marketplace” summarizes the participants’ joint effort to built an ecosystems that would be robust and beneficial for all the participants.