29 Years of Nexign: Antifragility

By Igor Gorkov, CEO Nexign.


Antifragility was the key word of 2020.  Proving Nassim Taleb's theory, in 2020 a small virus from the Wuhan province of China turned life upside down all around the world, erected insurmountable walls between countries and people, and began testing the strength of enterprises from all sectors of business.

The only people who cope with change are those who learned to evolve, to face difficulties head on and approach them as new opportunities, to become stronger when faced with uncertainty and chaos. In short, those who possess the quality Taleb calls antifragility.

And in my opinion, in its 29 years of existence, Nexign has proven that this quality is completely characteristic of it.

The very history of Nexign began with the development of a fundamentally new product for Russia — a billing system for mobile communications. As the market expanded, Nexign grew by an average of 30% annually, launching more and more new projects. The first landline installation, the first replicable solution — Nexign was constantly looking for and finding opportunities for growth.

The subscriber base of clients and the complexity of implementations increased in arithmetic progression. The team learned and rebuilt "on the fly", building up their competencies.

And soon Nexign set itself a new challenge — entering the international market. Competition with the world's leading vendors required radical brand revitalization, product portfolio development, and team expansion. Nexign made it to the next phase of growth.

The past year has been a test for the whole world and, of course, for our company. And yet we did not give up.  The company did not just continue to fulfill its obligations to clients. It successfully completed several major projects. Nexign integrated the billing systems of all 8 MegaFon branches on a single BSS platform and transferred the data of 75 million subscribers to the new environment.  In addition, the company has implemented billing in Uzbektelecom and a new PCRF solution in Yota.

Despite the difficulties that were associated with the negotiation procedures, we continued to work on the conclusion of new contracts and business growth in target regions. In 2020, the company signed an agreement with Ucell, a telecom provider operating in Uzbekistan. Nexign is entering the Latin American market through an office in the Dominican Republic.

To adapt its proposals to fit client's new needs, Nexign acquired the company STORM Technologies and enhanced expertise in the field of digital customer experience management. The company also developed the new Instant BSS solution, which made our proposal even more competitive in the market.

Meeting market challenges, Nexign continued to evolve and approach challenges as opportunities, proving its antifragility over and over again. According to Nassim Taleb, this means Nexign still has a great future ahead. And this is confirmed by leading market experts such as the Gartner agency, which included Nexign in the report "Market Guide for CSP Business Support System Solutions" as one of the leading providers of BSS systems.

Nexign remains committed to growth and maintains the values that have always defined it: the ability to think outside the box, a results-oriented approach, and willingness to build strong relations with clients. I am sure that there are lots of new victories and exciting events ahead of us. Our company turns 29 in March, and I invite you to look back on Nexign's history and the highlights of the past year. Here you can share your impressions of working with us, learn more about Nexign's life journey, or simply wish us “Happy Birthday!”